Touratech's BMW R9X to Ride at Romaniacs

This is proof it can be done.  Wish BMW would resurrect the HP2 some day.

More here at ADVPulse


Here's another but it's in German.  Maybe @Rob Hoffmann can translate?

I see they are running a pre-filter though.  Smart.


Hi all,

sry for the delay, so much on my plate right now, I'm between jobs.. :) it more or less translates to:

"We did the first test kilometers and we wanted to start at the Romaniacs - the hardest endurorallye of the world - with this motorcycle. This will be a difficult job, the bike is heavier and also bigger, but we have big goals we want to achieve with this bike. First testdrive done, now we have to tune a bit here and there, the rear suspension needs to be a bit harder because of the overall weight so the overall balance will improve. Fun is always on board, i love a good challenge and this is a big one. A big adventure, 4 days in the romanian mountains, partly complete alone somewhere deep in the woods, and for me this is for me a welcome challange."

Edited by Rob Hoffmann

I think BMW should come out with a mini HP2 or a ~1000 cc boxer with 21/18 wheels, real forks, rally fairing, 180 mile range and sturdy subframe.

I think everyone wants that, they are loosing so much to KTM atm, im sure they are working on sth.. maybe this ist sth like a test run with touratech who knows.. downgrading the 1200cc to 1000cc aircooled shouldn't be the problem and would be a welcome change, 1200 isn't really needed on a much lighter bike.. I love mine, and I don't have to wait for BMW anymore to furfill my dreams.. :)

The Adv market must be a money maker right now with the big players entering these events trying to prove their bike can do it, even if it requires an alien to do it. Lafferty just ran a national enduro on a 1090

Don't look for an air head from BMW. From what I understand, air-cool street going Moto's will soon be dinosaurs from a bygone era, it nearly impossible to pass Euro 4 emissions without water cooling. The XL and DR 650's are grandfathered in as long as there are nothing more changed than graphics.

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