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Touratech Rallyeform Skid Plate

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Touratech has a new type of skid plate out called the Rallyeform.  I kind of like the design of it.  It looks to be stamped (hydro-formed) from a single piece of 4mm aluminum so you end up with a plate that not only looks better but one that I think actually compliments the design of the GS 1200.  Other skid plates look like some kind of earth moving heavy equipment was added with all its angles and corners.  You buy a $22k bike and it just seemed a shame to stick such an ugly plate on it.

I am concerned with how tough the plate is as well as learning more about how exactly it attaches.  I do like that other plates attach to the frame rather than just the engine, or at least have some kind of padding under the engine.  This plate appears not to have any padding and it seems that it may attach to the frame in the back.

I'm a bit concerned that the attachment bolts aren't flush but stick out a bit.  The front two seem to have a bump on the front side of it that may protect it a bit though.

I learned that if you have proper suspension (probably not if you weigh more than 180 lbs) then you need a better skid plate because you're going to bottom out a lot more.  You also want to protect your header pipes and this plate seems to offer pretty good header protection.

The price ($399) seems a steep compared to, say the ACD Racing plate ($232) but then it is Touratech after all.  :lol:  Black Dog's is $425 and AltRider's is $444.

This is an installation video done by Rob Watt from TMAdvgear.  He's the guy who makes the Trailside barbeque I reviewed a while back.

and another video from Touratech


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