APL 2017: Dirt. Stamina. Friends

Dirt. Stamina. Friends. And 2,000 kilometres closely following the Lithuanian state border.

You will be skidding on the sand, you`ll be soaking with water and you`ll be sinking in the mud to get as close to the state border as possible, you`ll be pushing forward in swampy tracks with deep rain-eroded ruts, you`ll be swallowing mouthfuls of dust on mud roads, and you`ll be trying to catch your breath in shady groves. And you know what? 
Oh yes, you got it right. You`ll still be smiling!

“Here starts a track following the Lithuanian border marked with a black line. It looks so very simple in the map: you go forward until you face a three-way intersection and then turn left. However, in reality we get straight to some border post with the Polish border on one side and the Russian border on the other side. We start studying our maps. Meanwhile a sleepy border guard jumps out of the post`s cabin and, not having a clue what`s going on, starts asking us how we got there.” (Late Linas Ramanauskas, the founder of the APL, the very first APL 2004)

It was amazing experience for me this year. One week with enduro friends! Check a video that I make after our trip:


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