Motorrad Angels

Ride for Lives!!!

Join us for this cool benefit ride!!

Ride with Dennis Godwin, BMW GS Trophy Team USA and Long Beach BMW to the Mexican Border and back!

$50 tax deductible donation will be matched by Long Beach BMW

#motorradangels #xladv #longbeachbmwmotorcycles



It's been awhile since we've heard from [mention=3949]MotorradAngels[/mention] and that's because they've been so darn busy helping out with some pretty major disasters around the world such as the earthquake in Mexico City and then the hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico.

I met with Dennis Godwin yesterday and he told me about some of the work they're doing and I was quite impressed.  In Puerto Rico they were working with FEMA and the US Military directly on the first response team.  They were used for many things but primarily to get some supplies like diapers, medicine, etc... up to people in higher elevations where the roads were simply impassable due to the storm.  Some of the people they saw said they were the first "outsiders" they'd seen in a month!

I'll let one of them tell you more here shortly but they have some pretty interesting new partners that are going to help them roll out an entire new way of reaching people in need caught in various disasters worldwide.  I'd encourage you to check them out as well as this space for future news.  XLADV will be working closer with this group in 2018.

They even have a tour coming up Jan 13-20 in Mexico where you can join them!

Thanks Eric! We are taking a break right now for Christmas however Dennis couldn’t do it so he and Tina are on their way to Mexico with Filters to activate a BMW chapter in Leon, Mexico 🤣

Ongoing efforts in Puerto Rico Motorrad Angels


Edited by MotorradAngels

Big announcement!  I'll be joining Motorrad Angels next month in Puerto Rico to assist in disaster relief from hurricane Maria.  Nearly half are still without water and power and we'll be distributing clean water filtration kits and solar lights.

I'm asking for this community's support in offsetting Motorrad Angels' expense of airfare and the cost of the kits we're distributing.  I set up this fundraising link and sincerely appreciate anything you can help out with 

Im going to get a ton of great stories, pics and video and you get to be part of this adventure with me.

We're already up to $715!


I take off tonight for Puerto Rico to join the Motorrad Angels pass out some clean water filtration kits and solar lights to those still without power and water in remote areas due to hurricane Maria.

I'm trying to raise funds to offset the cost of the kits we're handing out and airfare.  If you're so inclined, please donate here and thank you!

Landed today and got acquainted with our rides!

You have to come ride with these people!

Nice bikes yeah?

Eric, is sitting on a Blue Bike THAT orgasmic!?! :P

I’m over the BMW for my type of riding but it’s really perfect for what we’re doing here
Beyond Starbucks
Tom Palmer and I

Highlight of the day


Here’s how this works. We ride motorcycles and help people. It’s that simple.

We have been working pretty hard too. We haven’t been to sleep since around midnight each day. We distribute lights until about 8pm, get dinner then ride back to our base camp.

Kaki heads up Motorrad Angels here and they are lucky to have him.

Would like to extend my sincere thanks to the following people who helped make this Puerto Rico trip happen:

@Jason R, @renaissancerider, @GB., @greedyg, @Tracy Charles, Lani Testa, Betsy Johnson, Ron West, Dave Plummer.


We raised $885!

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