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Just to let you know that Motorrad Angels continues to do quite a few things in many countries via volunteer chapters.  Mexico is probably the most active but covid has slowed that down somewhat.  I've done 5 water projects on my own so far and Tom and I did a few while in Peru about 6 weeks ago.

We did a considerably large hurricane relief project in Honduras with Eduardo and his team.  He coordinated the distribution of a lot of aid from many other NGOs helping them also to get access to a military runway.  Honduras was my next stop but he says they're all done now!

We did quite a few food projects during covid for the many starving in cities like Bogota, Medellin, Cucuta and Lima.  We were basically going to a Costco-like store and buying food in bulk and creating food kits that would feed a family of 5 for a month.

We are also doing many of these new "working forward" projects with single moms we're finding living in parks where we give them $250 for two weeks of rent and food and then a coffee cart where they can sell coffee to various places on the street like bus stops, construction sites, etc...  We've had quite a few graduates of that program and are proud of a lot of the on-the-ground volunteers coordinating those efforts.

We are also planning to probably do another large scale medical/dental clinic project near Bogota soon like we did 2 years ago in Cucuta.  We're working with a few other NGOs who are providing most of those resources.

Ben from Motorrad Angels had been writing all the Motorrad Angels updates here but he and his two brothers opened up a restaurant in Medellin last year and they've been busy with that.  They started in a food court location to get the business basics down and were successful and now they've opened up a larger restaurant in a better location and seem to be doing quite well.  I was there about 5 weeks ago for their grand opening.

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FYI, we have a fundraiser for Turkey earthquake victims. We are sending water filters and assembling a team of riders to go help out. Cholera is a big problem after events like this because all the water lines have been severed.

Link https://gofund.me/4e94dd35 here

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