Hi from Canada!

I have finally found some time to go through and use this site!   I am from Ontario Canada and ride a BMW F700GS.....Hopefully this post ends up in the right spot!   Looking forward to checking things out!   Cheers,  Tracy

Yup, you landed in the right spot Tracy! Glad to know you! I best you have some awesome and beautiful riding stories from your neck of the woods. Canada has so much epic ADV riding terrain. Any pics or video to share? Mountains preferably... The tallest thing where I live is a bridge! ;)

No mountains in Ontario, but I just finished my first solo trip...11000 kms, through some of the Rockies.....now to figure out how to post them lol




Heck yas! I have Colorado Back Country Discovery Route in the calendar for summer 2018 and your pics make me completely jazzed! Wow!

Huge smile on my face right NOW!    Thank you 😁😁😁

8 minutes ago, Tracy Charles said:

Huge smile on my face right NOW!    Thank you 😁😁😁

Thanks for sharing Tracy! I'll return the favor... Here's one from my trip last summer up the columbia river gorge outside of Portland Oregon. Great day on some rented F800GSs. Really impressed w/ the bike too.


This is AWESOME!!!!   Great SHOT! 😍    I LOVE this site.   I had problems with it when I used my phone but on my laptop I finally have it figured out lol.

hey! there you are!

can't share some photos of riding in canada. going to have to wait until 2018 for that.

and i sure hope to meet you when i get over there :ride:

YAAAAAY Dominique ❤  I finally figured out that I can't use this site very well on my phone.....but works perfectly with the laptop!   And YESSSSSSSS.......can't wait for you to start your adventure and follow along.   Even if you aren't coming close to me.....I will ride out to meet up with you somewhere 🏍

am actually coming really near to you (i think).

have more or less sorted out the inbound and outbound airports. going to be landing in toronto (which is close, sort of, right?)

and departing from vancouver.

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YESSSSSSSS!   45 minutes away!   And you have a place to stay if you need it.  Just me....daughter will be away at University 😍

Welcome, Tracy!  Glad to see you found us.  I've enjoyed seeing your photos and stories on FB.  Hope we get to ride together eventually.

Nice pictures Tracy! I'm a fellow Canadian from Ontario aswell saying hello! Currently living and riding it up in California! Looks like you may have explored many areas of the great white North!

New here. Africa Twin Pilot. Her for the stickers. Pics a mix of PNW.. Oregon, Washington, British Columbia. So... where do i get the stickers?








Welcome @Justin Mackie!

Also, have a look here:


@motochefarwi   Thank you fellow ontarian!    What a small world it is! 😁

@Justin Mackie   Nice pics! 😁

[mention=512]motochefarwi[/mention]   Thank you fellow ontarian!    What a small world it is!
[mention=3957]Justin Mackie[/mention]   Nice pics!

Yup! I'm from Sudbury!
On 8/11/2017 at 11:29 AM, Tracy Charles said:




WOW, like a dream...

Thanks @Brad R.    Newbie here too!     😁

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