R1200GSA offroad air pressure

I am new to offroad riding. I have a 2009 R1200GSA, What are the better air pressure for SO Cal desert and mountain riding? 

Thank you,


I used to have an '11 GSA and destroyed my rims riding at 20 psi.  Woody from Woody's Wheels says don't go under 30.  Jimmy Lewis says he ran 28 psi on his GSA.  I'd usually stick with 28 myself and then go lower if I was in deep sand but then re-inflate after that to protect rims.  You want the higher pressure on the pavement at speed too for safety and tread life.  Good luck!

Thank you Eric,  I was in Soda lake couple of weeks ago. I ran 28. I saw Shawn Thomas saying to run 28.(Saw it on Youtube). It ran fine. Thank you for the info. 

Keep up the good work. 

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Thanks buddy!  Yeah I'd say if @ShawnThomasRockOn says something about riding then it's sure worth a listen!  He is a legend.

*nods regally from my pedestal*



Thanks Xladv folks. I was just thinking about this and found this thread. Sounds like the same for my R1100

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