Hellooo XLADV'ers!

Hola, XLADV'er!

Why do I feel like I'm doing this wrong? Submit Topic? Am I the topic? I think I'm doing this wrong...this is normally the time when I stop and check my map but...against my better judgement I'm gonna type the things and click the "Submit Topic" button...

I've been meaning to become more of an active member of this group for so long!! Finally able to sit down and read all the great adventures everyone is having. Maybe I just miss my BMW's...all the pandas are sad. 

Anyway a little about me. I'm a taco lover from Seattle...much love to the PNW!! In a past life I was a Submariner, then an Aerospace Mechanic...but for the last 3 years I've been travelling the world, riding motorcycles, taking pictures, meeting bikers, enjoying tasty things...you know, the usual.

I don't do a good job of sharing the stories about my travels...I do a better job at sipping beers with new friends in cramped smelly pubs! But hey, lifes about trying new things, right? Tell that to my friend who pestered me to take salsa lessons with her here in San Cristobal, MX...she pestered me until I finally relented! So we go to the class and I straight murder her feet...the instructor actually asked me how I could be SO BAD! ...now she doesn't want to go with me again. Hey, I tried. So now I'm gonna do the thing where you type the words and attach the pics...maybe a vid or two. Prob gonna murder the screen but hey, I'm trying! Here's one of my favorite pics I took in the Himalayas after spending a week in the Nubra Valley, India. I love India...lets be honest, its a hot mess but...so many amazing people.

Another thing about me...I'm slow. Literally and figuratively. When the scenery is good, I drive slow, when the food is good, I eat slow, when the beer is super tasty, I drink slow. I also travel slow. When I get a visa in a new country I think, hmmmmm I need to use every day of this visa! I'm the guy who rents an apartment in a new place that seems cool rather than just stay for a day or two and jet. I guess I've made peace with the knowledge that I can't see it all so I better enjoy the F out of the places I love!

My favorite adventures have been the ones where I get to help others along the way. Years ago I went to a presentation put on by Helge Pederson...If you dont know who he is you may want to google his name...anyway, he talked about riding through Africa and taking photos of people in small far off villages. Then he would print out those photos of the people and deliver them on his next trip! Brilliant! For some reason that stuck with me, so I copied him, because I'm slow (so its ok).I added a picture of me giving a picture to my good buddy Lim in the Jungle of Cambodia...hes a cool guy, and his wife makes the best food in Cambodia...no joke, super tasty.

Well, This took me like 5 days to write so I think I'm done. I need a taco. Ride Far friends!




Welcome Brad! By the looks of it you're really enjoying yourself (albeit slowly ;) )!

Thanks "Advanced Member"...oh wait thats not your name...Is that your status? I'm impressed! Now I wanna be advanced. Just another wish in the bucket of life...


Honestly, I'm just happy that all those key stokes made it on the interwebz :) I guess I clicked the right things!

Don't worry about it, about 3 more posts and you'll be an advanced member as well... Nothing a few beers can't handle ;-)

hmmm, not sure I want to send the wrong signals, LOL!

Thanks for posting up, Brad.  Great to see what you're up to there in Cambodia (sorry, not Thailand) ;)

Brad, Do you post to Instagram?  

Hi Jason!

I do post to Instagram https://www.instagram.com/perpetualmoto/  I have a really cheap smartphone I bought in INDIA...causing my phone pics to look like they were taken on a potato. I generally transfer the pics from my SLR...which takes time and I get sleepy easily.

An Insta-note I'm riding a purpose built DR650 to South America. Made the (very hard) decision to leave the 1200GS and 800GSA back home. Made this decision after A few separate trips in Mexico where I got myself into the old "Now I need parts for my bike and I'm in Baja"...also, I've been getting more and more adventurous, deeper water crossings, steeper trails...etc. After I rode the Lockhart Basin solo on my loaded GS I decided to add the DR to the stable. I agree the DR may not be a "XLADV" bike tho... 


18 hours ago, Eric Hall said:

Thanks for posting up, Brad.  Great to see what you're up to there in Cambodia (sorry, not Thailand) ;)

Thanks for the support ERIC! I very happy to be part of the XLADV community :)

If this is supposed to be about I guess I should post this as well... Recently interviewed by LIMITLESS PURSUITS about my 3 month INDIA ride. INDIA will always hold a special place in my heart. The people you meet along your journey will, in the end be the best part of the trip. Verry happy to have been able to meet each and every person along my continued motorcycle journeys. https://limitlesspursuits.com/land/motorcycling/brad-ringstmeiers-incredible-indian-motorcycle-adventure/

Cool stuff Brad, keep it coming so the rest of us arm chair adventurers have something to dream about.  :thumbsup:

22 hours ago, greedyg said:

Cool stuff Brad, keep it coming so the rest of us arm chair adventurers have something to dream about.  :thumbsup:

will do buddy!

Been living in San Cristobal, MX  for the past few weeks. I got a nice apartment here for under 200 USD a month, has a garage for the MOTO!! I've really been enjoying the people and culture this far south. Tacos are amazing too of course... Anywho, sometimes I take pictures, I like pictures, I attached some pictures. A few from when I rode out to Palenque the day after a tourist bus was held up...snuck through! It was a 12 hour round trip ride and all the way down to sea level from 6600 feet..then back up. Some Great Twistys!! I'll have to give San Cristobal, MX a big thumbs up for anyone who wanted to visit for a day or even a month. Ride to Palenque Vid HERE 

ADV ON friends!






$200/month?  I'm on my way!

Stunning photos and I'm with Eric especially considering I just received a rent increase of almost 3X that amount



bummer dude...

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