MSR Dual Sport Boots (Size 12)

Hey all,

I have a pair of MSR Dual Sport Boots (Size 12) that are going unused! They're brand new, and in the box. I obtained these through a raffle, and they were a bit too large so didn't end up using them. In the spirit of giving, I'm offering these up to someone that needs them in exchange for a donation to (donation link).

If you're attending the upcoming High Sierra ride this week, I can bring them there. Can meet in person in OC area, or we can work out shipping.




I picked up this boot in the spring - my first ADV boot since MX boots two decades ago.  Really like it, I like the asymetrical shift pad (only on the left foot).  Overall, it is a good fitting boot, comfortable to wear and feels secure.  Not the strongest boot in ankle support or stiffest sole - but that means they are actually not too uncomfortable to wear off the bike as well.  I have spent many days riding in them (and a few days in the office) and I am overall pleased.  

Size 12 is good for me. I would need them shipped to 37804, is that possible? How do we work the transaction?



Thank You



@Gfab70 PM Sent

PM replied.

Donation sent. Thank you once again for a smooth transaction.





Fantastic, thanks for the prompt response. Hope you enjoy the boots!



That was very kind! Thanks!

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