The Bird...not the Whiskey...

Been around for a bit and had my hall pass for High Sierra 2017 only to abandon the trip 20 into it when my '08 GSA 'Griselda' rear shock went all BMW on me and soiled itself a few miles short of 30k. j I cancelled the trip and spent the time stewing, ordering a nice upgrade and wrenching a little.

I live in the Santa Barbara, CA, USA area and try to use as little slab as possible to get to as much dirt as possible on my beast.

Day rides, weekend camping rides, multi-day camping rides are all in my wheelhouse.

See you on the trail!

Eric aka WildTurkey

Really sorry to hear that!  Did you say you're getting TFX from Ted Porter?  Those are just about the best you can get. Probably the best for the money too.  They are on par with Tractive, which makes the shocks Touratech sells

TFX indeed.  Spent 1hr 20min on the phone with Ted discussing options, my riding characteristics and getting educated.  What an incredible guy.  I settled on the TFX 142 reservoir rear and decided to also upgrade the front with a TFX reservoir.  I abandoned my foolish thoughts of retaining the ESA and decided I'd have to get a little more knowledgeable about my suspension instead of accepting the limited ESA settings.  The rear was in stock and will arrive Wednesday with the front expected in about 3 weeks. Stoked to be upgrading finally after riding on mush for too long.

I'll be in Boise at my brother's house when the shock arrives so the excitement of mounting and going for a spin will have to wait until next week when I'm back home.

You will be stoked on the TFX shocks. I got to experience them first hand this weekend on my new to me 96' R1100GS. It was our first time together in the dirt. And wow! The shocks were very responsive. No tech digital ESA on the old bird. Just raw awesome suspension. I too spent some time chatting with Ted As I was inquiring about the "standard" settings on the TFX. He said 14 clicks was the 'norm'. I set it for that and on my way I went. Cruising on slab to gravel all was great! However I put two more clicks to stiffen it up on some wash board roads and some steep inclines and the bike tracked extremely well! Enjoy your new shocks and sorry we missed ya this year.


Welcome and congrats on the suspension upgrade!!!!  I know that feeling well after swapping the blown stockers for properly sprung goodness.



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