R1200GSA shock install - TFX Suspension

Installed my new TFX reservoir rear shock a couple days ago with no bloody knuckles. I can't wait to bloody myself when the TFX front shock comes in a couple weeks. Only had to remove the seat, rear wheel and exhaust can. Even a shaved monkey could have done this one.IMG_1516.JPGIMG_1519.JPGIMG_1520.JPGIMG_1530.JPGIMG_1527.JPG

Oh yeah, added the Maier mud guard to add a little protection for my new investment.

Good call on the Meier mud flap.  I had that on mine as well.

As for the front, um good luck with that :lol:

Couple things were kind of a PITA...

  • Clearance is so tight that you need to remove the alternator belt housing.  Check the belt while the cover is off and replace if worn.  Not sure the life but 12k is safe.
  • I got my crash bars off but putting them back on was a total bear because they're slightly bent.  Two man job.
  • You have to either suspend the bike from the bars from your ceiling in your garage or use a type of bike lift or jack stand that really gets the front end up higher because the telelever needs to pivot down ALL the way to get that bugger in and out.
  • I don't think you need to remove the tank to get at the top bolt on the shock; just make sure you secure it properly and torque it down right.  Ask Ted if he knows the torque specs.
  • Touratech has a decent video somewhere you can watch of this bike having shocks replaced.
  • And of course make sure you use the right color loctite and torque the rear top and bottom bolts properly.

Similar install for the Ohlins on my '07  For the front Eric nailed it but I found it much easier to remove the tank, just less crap to deal with.  If you have a platform jack or small jack you can lift the bike from the skidplate to get enough front lift / fork extension.  The alternator cover and crashbar cross support did have to come off and the belt is easy to change with a crescent wrench 


Thanks for the great tips.  I've got access to an engine hoist which should work well to lift and hold the front as needed and always have an extra body around to assist.  I'll post up some details when the task continues as I'm currently awaiting notice from Ted that the front shock is on it's way to me.

You can also raise the front end the redneck way by stacking the rear wheel and another something light onto the rear rack.  Ummmmm that's what I was told because I would never attempt something like that :P


If you have garage rafters a simple tie down works perfectly well too

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