Hello from Ohio


I have an XL ADV - 2014 Triumph Explorer XC that I ride like a 250 trail bike as often as possible.

I've ridden it as far as from northeast Ohio to Myrtle Beach, but the past year I've been doing a lot of off-roading and adventure riding with it.  I went to the Touratech Rally East in August and made some new friends.  

Looking forward to continuing to find new limits with the big Tiger in spite of its weight.




Back, in the 70's we lived in Aurora and then Twinsburg. Left for the Hague, Netherlands just before my senior year of high school. Bought my first new bike while there--a 1976 Honda MT125 Elsinore dual-sport. Paid $515! Can't recall where the shop was located, though. What part are you located? 


I live in Minerva, about 15 miles east and south of Canton.  I work for a company in Solon though and drive through Twinsburg when I go to the office.

I recall Solon. I worked in a family-owned Italian restaurant named Quinn's for about three years during high school. Paid for my motorcycle hobby. 

Welcome from Northern CA



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