Tiger 800 Tramontana

This looks hot!  Triumph has a bit more info on it here.  No word on the weight savings, only that it's lighter and has longer suspension travel with a revised linkage.

Screen Shot 2017-09-22 at 11.50.56 AM.png


Why can't we see bikes like this!?

It looks amazing. If triumph produced this, I'd be there... high fender, minimal plastics, metal hand guards! 

Wait a second...  did I just read a post by the one and only @Nerb?!!!

Welcome!  It's very nice to have you!

Ha Eric... I thought I signed up here long ago, but I obviously just read and dont type much because when I went to comment on this tiger I couldnt work out my login.... because there wasnt one... better late than never ;)

I love this thing sooooo much. 

Where has THAT been all my life?

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