A Day and a Half in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park

Something a bit different here. After several days in Death Valley earlier this year, I start my way south to see art sculptures in the desert. 

They are located in this state park south of this northern entrance area in the town of Borrego Springs.


welcome sign.jpg

My adventure involves base-camping and moving to different areas I want to explore. Along the way, I see a huge 155mm canon.



Then, there is this area that indicates the sculptor has a large presence in the area. So, I stop and take a look.



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After descending from the mountain and into the town of Borrego Springs, I arrive at the Borrego Springs State Park campground and get set up. Set up without delay as there is riding to do--even in the heat and direct sun. The 3-liter Camelback will continue to keep me going.


Off to find the serpent...

I find this sculpture, and others south of town amongst the groves of Palm Trees.




Some more pictures of the metal art sculptures in the desert.




The theme for the sculptures varies. Still there are plenty more to see. These are not all in the same area and so riding around to find others is entertaining. 





After the local exploring, I return back to the campsite, get out of the riding gear, and grab a cold brew from the cooler. A few sites up the road, I see two couples sitting under their RV awning and I head that way. Upon arriving I start a conversation to the folks (one couple about my age and the other I suspect are parents of one) by greeting them with "I'm not the brightest person on this earth, but I can recognize those who are knowledgeable." Friendly giggles followed. Really though, I had suspected the seniors have been here a time or two and probably could answer a question or two. 

My camp neighbors are friendly and helpful.

I learn the reason for the existence of Borrego Springs is because there is water. Ok. Water is important in the desert. Further, I learn of the oasis about two miles north of where I was standing. They recommend an early morning hike to see it. 

Sounds like a great early morning activity after packing up the tent.

Here is where my less than two hours round-trip, early morning hike takes me. Only see a couple of people on my way into the valley/draw but more on my way out. Also, with the low sun I was in the mountain shadow about 90% of the hike.

Not a difficult hike as there is no climbing of elevation getting to the oasis, but if you want to get in close, there is some small rocks to negotiate. 



As I get within about a quarter mile, the oasis come into view. Still some neat features to pass through prior to arriving at the oasis.





As mentioned earlier, the sun eventually lights up the valley/draw leading to the oasis. On my way out, I can see a few minutes of cool shadow area remaining. After that, things will warm up at a desert pace.

After return to the campsite, taking a quick break, I'm off to my next destination.

shadow line.jpg

emerging sun.jpg

I'll be there on Saturday! I live in San Diego and thats my go to half day ride :) I'll share mine on the weekend. 

I plan on riding there this Saturday also. Look for the Yellow Tenere.

6 hours ago, WarpedRotor said:

I plan on riding there this Saturday also. Look for the Yellow Tenere.

look out for the blue GSA :D

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