New 60/40 Adventure Tire from Dunlop?



I got wind of a new 60/40 knobby adventure tire being developed by Dunlop.

I was told it will actually be manufactured in the US and they're going to try to shoot for the 6,000 mile range of tread life. I get about 5500 from the Motoz Tractionator Adventure.

I was told the reason the D908's are so expensive is because they're made in France.




Definitely keep us posted! I'm only going to get 1,500 miles out of my rear Pirelli MT21 

Bryan beat me to it...   lol

Eric, are you in line to get one for review? If not, you should!

Hey it's top secret!  They don't want their competition seeing what they're doing! :lol:

Any update on this tire? 

No word yet. I was hoping they’d give us a set to test but haven’t seen yet

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