Rally Coast to Coast 2018

Doing this one too!  April 16-21, 2018.  Veracruz to Puerto Escondido, Mexico.

rally coast to coast1.jpg

There's a "maxi" class for big bikes but they take a different route.  Not sure about that.  Don't want to take the "Starbucks" route you know?

yeah! new adventure to follow soon :thumbsup:

that would be a great photo with your bike and yourself on it ^^

Im going to put the heat on sponsors this time.  My buddy works with one company and he was trying to get me sponsored.   I put their logo on the shirt but the deal never happened :(  So I see him post yesterday about a UTV team they sponsored... who has just 1100 Instagram followers!  I said something like "if only you had a racer with 73k followers!"  SMH

well that sucks o_O are they looking at sponsoring team/events that attract more attention, public, and press coverage, maybe?

or that they perceive as so, let's say?

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So Rally Coast to Coast is about to kick off!  On April 16th they'll take off from Veracruz and head west to Puerto Escondido over 5 days.  There's a big bike class too! 

I'll be covering all the action!

Some cool announcements on racers...  Mark Samuels, Xavier DeSoutrait, Scott Bright and Rosa Romero will be racing.  Rosa is wife to Nani Roma and was injured during the Dakar.



Live results here!

As well as a map that tracks the event here

Scott Bright appears to be the leader after days 1 and 2

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