KTM 690 Upgrades

So many of you have seen me at events with my KTM 690 with the Britannia Composites fairing.  I was always considering adding an after market gas tank and finally took the plunge.  In fact I decided to do a few things since I was going have the bike incapacitated for a few weeks.  So in order of decisions here are the recent upgrades (last month):  RallyRaid UK evo2 fuel tanks, radiator guard, radiator screen, and crash protection; Konflict suspension maintenance (had previously done recalling and spring), rotweiller canisterectomy kit and intake/air filter upgrade (along with fuel dongle).  Here are before and current pics.  Still need to do some work on countershaft bearings.  Will be riding again soon.  And need to decorate the bright white tanks 🙂





This is a great looking bike! Recently I've be tossing around the idea of selling my 1200 and getting a smaller bike and turning it into a rally machine. This setup is something that I'll keep in mind. Thank you for sharing

Hi Rogers.  Happy to walk you through the mods I have done if you go this route.  I chose to go lighter and wanted to keep a good amount of power, thus the KTM (Husky 701 didn't exist in 2014).  This has been a good platform for one up riding long and short distances.  My longest trek was 3200 miles across the Southwest, including CO BDR.  While slightly less good on the road than a bigger bike (wind, etc.) it can't be beat off road.  I have recently added a 1290 Super adventure to my garage, mainly as a two-up tourer with my wife.  We're heading to AK this summer.  Alone, I would have taken the 690, she won't get on it for anything.

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