Yamaha Tenere 700 T7

Some acknowledgement from Yamaha USA!


https://twitter.coYamaha Tenere 700m/YamahaMotorUSA/status/927699212183072768


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Just a few thoughts...


here's an interesting post on IG - I am one of the very few owners of a xt660z in the US so I can relate to this a lot ( i only know one other owner) this is a good way to look at this new T7 concept. The XT is a big heavy tall bike weighing only 50lbs less than a F800. 


http://www.motorcyclespecs.co.za/model/yamaha/yamaha_xt660_tenere 15.htm 


Hopefully, Yamaha has found a way to shed a massive amount of weight on what according to the visual below is a BIGGER bike, which means generally more weight. Before you jump the gun and say - well the T7 has an aluminum gas tank so there's a bunch of weight saved, keep in mind the XT has a plastic tank so virtually zero weight saving. 

T7 bigger motor, usually means more weight?

So, I guess it all comes down to the frame and peripherals, I doubt very much if Yamaha can reduce 54.2lbs off it and minor peripherals to get below the magical 400lb the keyboard jockeys are dreaming of.

I am hoping for the best for Yamaha as this would be my next bike if the weight is right as we know the reliability will be a given...but have they done enough to compete with the Husky 701?





Yeah @VISORHEAD talked at length here about that earlier.  Interesting.  470 is my 990 dry so 425 or so would be acceptable.

That IG post comparing the T7 and T660 is interesting. The T7 engine has a deep oil pan and thus the whole engine has to be shoved-up high thereby creating a higher seat and handlebar arrangement. Unbiased reviews will be important when discussing how the T7 feels with respect to a possibly higher cg. Really though, the T7 shouldn't be compared to any large-bore single. Having had a 690ER for most of this year, I would not use the two bikes in the same manner. Each has or will have it's own niche with some doing more or less with either.



Also keep in mind the Super Tenere outweighs a GSA, so Yamaha doesn't lower the weight a ton(Also related to cost point of Japanese bikes to Euro bikes is an issue as well)

Still exciting times to see what is coming next!

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