Jesse Luggage Panniers


Has anybody ever used  Jesse Luggage panniers, Made in Gilbert AZ.  Thoughts or Ideas.  Tried stopping by their shop but they were closed.

Sorry just a cut and paste job.


Jesse Luggage Systems 

10″ Odyssey II

Dimensions: 10″D x 18″H x 20″L
Capacity: 105 liters combined
Total width: 37″

Mounts on Odyssey II mounts that allow up to 5″ movement forward and back Luggage w/mounts - $1280


Made from 2mm thick, 5052 aluminum for strength, endurance and longevity. Compound, multiple angles give these boxes strength, but also allow more volume in a sleek profile. The forward angle provides room for your feet when you need it.




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I have them on my KTM 1190. I got them because they tuck in close. So far they've been great and I don't have any complaints. I've dropped my bike several times and they have no problem handling the abuse, still in tact and straight. I haven't got the luggage yet, I'm still deciding on hard or soft bags, but I'm sure I'll eventually get both. I saw a pretty good luggage test on YouTube and they got a good rating. It's an interesting video, look for it, they submerge the boxes, toss them off a cliff, spray water and I don't remember what else.

I bought a KTM 990 a few years ago that had them installed. Personally, I think they're great bags. They're tough, well made, easy to install. The only downside I can think of is the shape makes them a bit tougher for packing.... but the shape looks nice while installed on the bike.


Previous usage includes: BMW plastic cases, BMW 'Adventure' cases, BMW Vario, Happy Trail boxes.

I love mine! I visited the factory. Family biz and they couldn't be nicer, more dedicated folks. Thumbs up all the way around!

I had them on my first gen Vstrom


Very strong bags, like Blur said they can be hard to pack but they do look good/function well. The only complaint I have about them is they are heavy.

Navy Nuke is right, they are heavy, but if they were lighter they would be more like Touratech. Nothing wrong with Touratech either.

I had a set on a V-strom as well, really liked them, would purchase another set if I went back to hard, I prefer soft luggage now rides a whole lot better, the locking issue is not a problem for me.

I've had Jesse's on a few bikes and have always loved them.  I'm actually in the process of getting a set for my 950.  They're the toughest bags I've ever used.

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