Womens GS Trophy '17

The Womens' GS Trophy is underway yet again down in S. Africa.  We have our own @Sjiriki riding this year and I also know Jocelin from the US team.


Udpate from Jocelin (USA):

we had another cut today, from 14 to 9. Somehow I managed 4th, behind South Africa, Australia, and France. My USA teammate Bettina also made the cut. It's bitter sweet, because we have made some solid friendships and we all can't make the team. This event is so organized, challenging and incredibly fun! If you've ever considered the GS Trophy, don't hesitate, do it! You will be glad you did!

And Day 2 video already up!



I saw Jocelin ride Jimmy Lewis' challenge course at the Touratech West Rally this year.  She was one of about 6 people to do the course with no dabs.  She was the only woman and the smallest person on the largest bike (1200GSA with boxes!).  I didn't make it.  She is a very impressive rider!  Hope she makes the final!

Update from Jocelin:
along with my USA teammate Bettina Nedel and Linda from South Africa makes our team of 3.
Thank you everyone for all your help, encouragement and support, this day would not have been possible without it.
Update: BMW decided to have 2 international female teams, so we also have to these incredibly talented riders: Ezelda from South Africa, Julia from Australia and Sonia from France.
Country TRAX Off-Road Riding Academy BMW Motorrad South Africa


Reposted from @Sjiriki's FB page:

The Qualifier in South-Africa left me sunburned with blisters in my face, bug bitten, bruised and wounded but I did not lose my smile and saw again that the world is full of good people, that there is a laugh hidden behind every tear.

When I knew I would be able to participate in this, I estimated realistically that I would end up somewhere in the middle of the ranking. Life unfortunately does not always go the way we want it and I arrived at Country Trax as a mental wreck, tried to be positive but I could not focus. Tuesday morning almost broke my spirit, it seemed as if I couldn’t even ride my bike straight anymore. But then we went riding, like riding for real not around cones but into the magnificent scenery that is South Africa. And I found my groove back. Getting that Rallye airborne after a steep hill gave me wings and I fought like a lion from then on. Wednesday was one of the best days of my life. Not in only in having fun while riding, but also in building up experience and most of all learning how to focus when every nerve in your body is shouting “Everyone is watching and timing you and you are not able to do this! You can’t ride well enough for this and you look ridiculous.”. I am happy that I have fought with this wicked demon inside my mind this week and that I won of it. I will give you all the full report later this week about all the tests and what an experience this was.

For now I want to apologize for two things, first that I had no opportunity to post during these days, I missed you all and being able to read your support now was the best thing ever. I thought there was going to be WiFi. And secondly, I am sincerely sorry that my efforts were not good enough to make it into the teams. And that I did not live up to the expectations. First selection I was 12 or 13th, then ended up on the 9th place to finally get seventh, being good to be the reserve. It’s a hell of a lot higher in ranking than I expected. Being called out front after the announcement of the teams with the honorary mention of ‘Rider with the most improvement during the week’ was indeed a recognition for what I tried to do. What an experience, time again and inspiration enough to get better, faster and stronger! 😈

We are going to party all the sour out of our muscles right now. See you all soon!

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