Great new free lodging app out there for bikers. . Economical flatrate lodging.

Or here is fine lol

Show us some screen shots.  Give us some features/benefits.

The app was designed by bikeminded people for motorcyclists. We are trying to create a network of host's and users that have motorcyclists needs at the forefront. The flatrate lodging options are camping , vacant camper, bedroom or whole house Many amenities including WiFi, laundry, parts shipment, shower, do minor repairs, wash the bike, get local knowledge. Host's can make extra money and the riders can save money . Available for all Android and Apple devices. Best part is the app is FREE!!!

A few photos from the bikerbuddy appIMG_0344.jpg.64d1da8c5402088b4da2804e8a77cce5.jpgIMG_0216.jpg.12e094ae707f213a363dda67ff0a85c0.jpgimagejpeg_2.jpg.2a670f5850914811f9fb5e962ceade46.jpg



Just loaded it on my phone today

Thanks Eric
My daughter lives real close to you. She's in Fullerton.

sounds interesting! i'll definitely download it next year, when i am in the US. doesn't show up in our EU stores.

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Sweet will happy to have you aboard. Hopefully our host network will have expanded by then.

We will try to grow in the the U.S. market and then hopefully expand from there.

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