Do you give to a moto-specific charity?

I'm wondering if there is any motorcycle specific charities out there that has built a reputation in this community? Can you recommend a moto-specific charity?

Well there’s Lost for a Reason that I have supported for about four years now. It’s kind of an ADV industry sponsored charity that helps children and families of the Navajo Nation.

There’s Motorrad Angels that is two guys riding through Latin America delivering water filters to communities in need.

Then there’s Motorcycle Relief Project that does rides for veterans suffering from ptsd.

I’m sure there are more out there.

Brad Barker raised funds for the earthquake in Ecuador.

There's also the trail advocacy groups who I think are always a worthwhile cause.  The ones I've heard of and donated to are: CORVA, Blue Ribbon Coalition, Stewards of the Sequoia, Stewards of the Sierra.

Though not a charity, the American Motorcyclist Association is worthwhile as they are the voice of motorcyclists with their finger on the pulse a topics relating to our sport. Recently, their grass-roots efforts put a California Bill (S.B. 249) into permanent law where the California OHV program will thrive--with funding too. Also, the fight against E15 at the pumps where most motorcycles only approve E10 (maximum) for use. The EPA had some really stupid assumptions and recommendations for motorcycles such as pumping a minimum of four gallons to ensure proper fueling.

Remember a couple of years ago where kid's motorcycles such as CRF-50's and PW-50's were banned from sale because frame paint contained lead and it was feared that kids might eat this paint? Yeah, for real. The bill was targeting kids toys and these motorcycles were caught in the net. Groups (and kids) marched on Washington with a "we just want to ride" mantra to exclude small motorcycles. They won and these bikes are again legal to sell in the US.



At least catch their posts with





Kurt Caselli Foundation

Great people , great charity.

Strangely enough my one and only charity besides St. Jude through AmazonSmile is Ted Simon’s foundation, Something I actually believe in and not only did it enroll me IN the foundation but I’m actually one of a limited amount of Facebook friends of Ted himself. Somehow ended up with 2 endorsed copies of his book but I think one was complementary with the membership/donations. Still a great endeavor and when I found out his site had been hacked by ISIS of all things I was compelled to make a bit of a statement of support I suppose and have been ever since at 10 bucks a month.

And definitely second the AMA although not so much of a Charity as a lobby. I used them specifically of how to engage politically as an example to AARP who will NOT be getting another 50 bucks for five years of not much when they come due again.

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