2014 LAB2V - Prep rides

James Valentine came out the week before LAB2V and since he's from Kansas, I thought he might want to get a taste for what LAB2V is going to be like.  Honestly, I thought he might struggle given that I've never seen him ride before and to my knowledge he's never ridden in the desert.


Boy was I wrong!  This guy can RIDE!


He had a camera on his helmet and since we were riding side by side, this song "Dueling Banjos" came to mind...


We did a more formal LAB2V prep ride on the Saturday before LAB2V with a larger group of people.   There were a few stragglers but for the most part everyone did pretty well.  I have a video of that I have yet to put together but will post when it's done.  I was waiting on some footage from James.


James took off after that to go up to Clovis to fit a new skid plate on, change tires, etc...


Brian Englund came down with his family from Tacoma to ride the LAB2V.  They stayed with me for a night.  His buddy Marshal came over and we had a great cigar and some scotch.


Thierry and John also spent a few days with me after that and I do have video of that, so I'll just post it.  It is almost the same tracks, so it should give you an idea of what that terrain was like...


The ride James and I did a few days earlier started out with a fine cup of Starbucks



And then a stop at McDonald's at 15/138 for some food and last top off of gas



We made good time, averaging something like 34 mph moving average (nice pace).  Made it to Inscription Canyon, where there are a lot of prehistoric petroglyphs







I guess Einstein traveled back in his time machine to do this one



Anyone missing the front end of their plane?



We found some great new trails that led to this hill overlooking Cuddeback dry lake bed and the surrounding valley





yoo hoo!



James did 116 or something on the dry lake bed



We stopped at Chaparral on the way back and caught this great sunset



For Saturday's ride with the larger group, we started out where else but Starbucks in Adelanto and right off the bat, we had a rider with a flat tire!





So we spent about a half hour fixing that in the parking lot





Unfortunately, we had a rider take a fall and bust his wrist.



Then Craig had a close encounter with a spiny bush



I escorted him back to the highway and the rest of the group went over to see the Husky monument


On the way back, James got a flat himself but we had it fixed in 10 min.  Tubeless tires rock.







So two flats, a broken wrist and a few scrapes would turn out to be an accurate foreshadowing of how the riders would fare in the actual LAB2V...

Haha, love the foreshadowing comment!  Amen!

Update from Steven Ocheltree:

Get this, our ride last month resulted with the following. Here is a conversation we had on Meetup earlier today; From Jeff Boek Hello Steve this is jeff boek, I rode with you with a broken wrist. I just want to give you an update. They did surgery. I've been doing pretty good of course I'm not writing yet but it's great they did fix the bone I guess it was a pretty bad break. I will try to get you some pictures of your interested but going to be good so thank you and I will hopefully ride with you guys soon bye From; Steve Ocheltree; I'm sorry to hear the wrist injury was that severe resulting in surgery. It's funny you sent this message because I was looking yesterday on how to send you a message just to see how you were coming along. That ride took away our "motorcycle riding option" for a long period of time. I ended up with a severe gastroc fascia tear (a muscle in the calf area). Then I ended up with a blood clot as a result of the injury. I am into my third week of taking blood thinners which I will have to take for possibly six months.

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      Sunday 8:30 am

      McDonald's at 3870 Sierra
      3870 Sierra, Fontana, California 91759

      Two unique rides stacked back to back.
      The First ride toward Lytle Creek begins at Chevron McDonald's at 3870 Sierra Avenue in Fontana. Meet at 8:30am and Stands up at 9am Sharp. The difficulty is 2/10.
      Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/lvd5Y
      The Second ride through Cleghorn Ridge will meet at 10:30am and leave at 11am Sharp from the Chevron/Mc Donalds 3260 Wagon Train Road Phelan, CA. The Difficulty is 4/10
      Google Maps Link: http://goo.gl/maps/YmZvZ
      * Reservations are not required and there is no charge; just show prior to the "stands up" time and be prepared to ride.
      * All routes are considered "Big Bike" friendly, though light to moderate damage can occur.
      * All hard luggage should be left at home, though each individual should carry basic provisions and hand tools in case a break down occurs.
      * Plan and dress for a temperature range of between 40F and 80F, with elevation changes of about 3,000'.
      * Be honest about your personal physical condition; if you get out of breath climbing stairs, this kind of ride will pose a significant hazard to your health. 
      * All riders must be prepared to autonomously manage roadside first aid and mechanical issues. We will do our best to help but you are ultimately responsible to extract a broken vehicle if needed. 
      All bikes are welcome! No snobbery here!
      Please indicate if you are going so we know who and how many to expect.