Garmin 600 - Make Offer

Sold my 450EXC so this may as well go. I have farkles to add to the new GS.

Good condition. Bought new a few years back. I have two motorcycle cradles so that one can swap from bike to bike aswee.

I believe it's a 600 or 650. I'll have to check, so I'm just throwing this out there.

best reasonable offer. E-me for deets and I'll get them for you. [email protected]


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Just picked up a 650t and I’m impressed!

mine says "Garmin 650t" in the upper left on the case but it's kind of worn.  If you turn it on then it should say at the bottom of the screen at boot up which model it is.

Mine is a 600.

I’ll post pics later


These are going for about $350.

The rugged motorcycle mounts can be had for $30 retail, which I have two of.

Let's make a deal!

SOLD and thanks

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