Garmin Montana 650t

Picked up a used Garmin Montana 650t from Jeff DeWispeleare.  It came with the Touratech locking mount.

I've just played with it so far at home and just got the power cable wired into the bike today so no riding yet but I'm pretty impressed with it.  The screen is bigger than the 60Csx I had and it's touchable.  My old one was limited to 20 tracks of 500 points or less and this one doesn't have that limitation so I'm stoked about that.


Nice! I got mine last year and it works as it should, very solid!


It took me a while to relearn this coming from a Zumo 550 back in the day but once you master it's somewhat quirky menu system it;s solid. I recently lost one on a ride and just upgraded to the far so good...solid bit of kit IMO

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