XLADV Project 990! $14k 28k miles


It's time!  This bike has served me well and I will surely miss it!  There's really no other bike out there like the 990 for its power/weight ratio and sheer dirt-ability.

This bike comes with about $8400 in extras and things that are extremely valuable like a set of Woody's Wheels (tubeless rear) that are $2400 alone or the $1800 in upgraded suspension from Konflict.  Not to mention the performance upgrades from Rottweiler, guards, racks, lights, etc...

28k miles.  Runs great.  Frame 100%.  Graphics will come right off to reveal pristine KTM graphics underneath.

See all the add on's here.


What’s the new chariot going to be? 

Then onto a freshie and 3 years getting it how it should be? ;)

7 hours ago, bruinjon said:

What’s the new chariot going to be? 

Not sure yet really.  There's a few new bikes coming out and a few mfg's have expressed an interest in providing me a loaner bike to ride but nothing firm.  There's a few bikes out there like the AT, 1090R, 1290R that seem to fit my off road interests.

7 hours ago, Brian Croft said:

Then onto a freshie and 3 years getting it how it should be? ;)

A lot of these options now just require maybe a suspension upgrade, some protection parts and lights and they're ready to go.


If you decide to part out anything put me on the top of the list!


Wow!! Very nicely setup bike Eric. Good luck with the sale.

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