Hello from Africa by way of Colorado!

Hi all, 

My husband and I are from Buena Vista, Colorado, but we are currently in the middle of riding the Cape Town to Cairo route through Africa. I ride a BMW F650 and Chris is riding the F800gsa. We are having an amazing adventure and one of the best parts of our trip has been connecting with and meeting other adventure riders on the road from all around the world. 

We should be back in Colorado just in time for the summer riding season to pick up. If anyone is passing through Buena Vista at any point and wants to go exploring, look us up! 

Looking forward to hearing of other’s amazing rides and keep connecting with and finding new riding partners! If anyone is interested in seeing what Chris and I are currently up to, we have a blog that we are slightly behind with... www.distanttracks.com and you can find us on instagram. 

- Katelyn and Chris Barnecut




Welcome and great photos.  I had heart palpitations looking at that sand.....I'm "allergic" to sand :rolleyes: Okay I just really suck at riding in the sand.


Hope to visit you in Colorado at some point.

Wow, amazing trip. Enjoy and welcome!

Looks like fun.  I'll be in Colorado this summer and get to do so on a brand new bike. Not sure which one it will be yet.

Can you provide any sort of rundown as to your route from Cape Town to Cairo?  Kind of sort of Western Africa or Eastern Africa?  Have read tales of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for example.

Post lots of pics.


Welcome!  That's quite an adventure you're on!  Do you have an Instagram account?  I will look for you there.

I've been to Buena Vista twice on my bike and love it.  Didn't realize the locals say it "Buna" Vista rather than "Bwena" Vista.

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