1190r overheating

2016 1190r with a serious overheating problem. If I keep up speed it’s never an issue. Technical trails in the summer heat have cause a severe fuel geyser. Did a coolant flush and the problem started right after. Assumed air bubble but I have now flushed approximately 12 times including 5 times at a dealership. Radiator has been pressure tested no leaks. Gas tank vents. Anyone have any suggestions? Called Ktm and they said they have never heard of a bike having a fuel geyser, I have personally seen it on a 2014 1190. 

New one to me

Fan and temp switch function normally?

Can you install a manual fan switch as well as temp control switch?

Airflow obstruction from an aftermarket part?

Tried different coolant like engine ice?(although this is proba boy a band aid and actual problem needs to be found)

Possible bad head gasket or tune problem generating too much heat?

Hope something helps, I haven't heard of too many problems with these bikes for heat.

Both fans kick on so that seems to be working properly. I am currently running Evans coolant, water pump looks good and I had my head gasket checked at a dealership with no issues found. 

I swapped back to stock parts that could possibly have impacted air flow but that didn’t seem to be it either. 

I definitely appreciate the help, I’m lost at this point. 

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