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Looks awesome! When I lived in Denver, I only rode a fraction of the possibilities b/c I had pretty much a plated dirt bike. So, that level of distance would have been tough for sure. One of these days I need to schedule some time to ride a bigger bike on a much longer, multi day ride.

Here's a pic outside Telluride. Do you do any tours out that way? You live/ride in an amazing place for this type of riding!

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Hi Bryan,

We Mainly stick in the Millions of Acres in the Arkansas, Rio Grande, Platte and Colorado River Headwaters.

We stay pretty much On Top Of and East of the Continental Divide.

Telluride and Crested Butte we leave to the Tourists !

We have been known to venture as far North and West and Glenwood Springs.

So much cool stuff in the Watersheds and Headwaters of those 4 rivers we don't really see any reason to venture further.



Rainbow Loop.png

map day 2 x roads.png


Chaffee County sign.jpg


marshall pass map.jpg


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Does one need a CO OHV permit to ride off road. I will be doing the COBDR this summer . Bikes are KLR 650 and KTM 690

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Colorado OHV Permits are required any time you are riding offroad in Colorado.

Can you get away without buying one ? Probably.2018OHVpermitvoided.jpg.0866b3d24b752ce40263a7de82342196.jpg

If your riding a KLR you are no doubt cheap and will not want to purchase :P

But if your riding Offroad in Colorado you are required to have one. The Fine is more than sticker.

More Info on this Link:









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17 hours ago, Eric Hall said:


Erik Hall. You are Incorrect. See this Link: http://www.coloradodualsport.com/home/info/colorado-dual-sport-ohv-regulations

Can you get away without purcahsing ? Probably. But your only hurting yourself.

Dont be a Cheap Ass and Support the Colorado OHV Community.

Or go ride somewhere else




2 fun.bmp

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2 hours ago, Eric Hall said:

Did not know that!  Thanks.  I've done COBDR twice and never heard of that.

OHV here in CA is for non-street legal bikes in OHV-only areas, not public trails on public lands.


Hi Eric

My apologies for what some may call a little harsh response. But to ride in Colorado your supposed to have a sticker.

Supposed to. You dont have to. But its the right thing to do . 

California Differentiates between OHV and Street Legal Vehicles. In Colorado OHV's and 'Dual Sports' are all lumped together.

It's very easy in Colorado to license a Dirt Bike, and in some Counties you can even, heaven forbid , drive a SxS on the street.

We know a little bit about California.

Chex this Link ? www.SanAndreas300.com

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