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Eric Hall

2018 Ken Mooty Memorial/CORVA Fundraiser

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Really great time out in Death Valley this year!  We didn't have as many riders as I thought we might but still had a blast and raised $430 for CORVA!

Me loading my bike.  Someone had to bring the wood, beer and raffle prizes!

There were 10 of us in total:  myself, @mthomasadv, Ross, Katie, @motochefarwi, Mrs. MotoChefArwi, @Jason R @Trailzrider, Warren and Richard.

I got up there Thur night and saw Warren and Richard.  Mike and Ross came the next morning along with John so the five us us headed out to the springs for a soak.  Richard had some drama with a loose battery terminal and then lost but luckily found his tail bag!  The four of us less Richard went out north pass to Big Pine for bbq but Mike caught a rock in his radiator and it was pissing fluid everywhere so that took a few extra hours.  Luckily, John had some quicksteel and made a genius roadside fix that seemed to completely fix the hole (at least for now).

Next day Arwi led a ride over Hunter Mountain out to Teakettle then Race Track then Ubehebe Crater.  At that point he and Jason went on to Furnace Creek while Warren and Richard and I had lunch in Stovepipe Well and then back to camp.

Our raffle went off great and I'm sure folks were stoked to have the better odds give there were less people.  Prize winners:

Clearwater Lights voucher: Jason

Motohansa toolkit from BeemerShop: Maria

Nelson Rigg bag: Richard

Motoz Tires: Maria

DoubleTake Mirrors: Mike

Spot Gen3 with 1 year contract: Arwi


Arwi got me loading the bike here correctly this time


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Got a few nice pics

Warren is liking his skidplate on the Super Tenere from ACD Racing


Teakettle Junction




These rocks were discovered only in 2013 to be moving as a result of rain that freezes as a sheet of ice that then is moved by the wind, dragging the rocks along the slippery lakebed and then the ice melts and water dries leaving these traces.  Some stupid tourists steal the rocks!!!!  Don't do that.


My SpotX worked great and John and I could message each other given he has one too




Ubehebe Crater, also known as Hebe-jebe crater 


These Motoz RallZ tires are REALLY nice!  John has them too and loves the off road traction


This is about 3200 miles and they're just getting started!


SpotX is what you need ;) 



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OMG I totally f'd up!  I saw @Carlos Fernandez there and since he typically comes to these last minute and pays at the event, I thought that's what he was doing there with his friend Lou but when they didn't approach me to pay for the event I figured they were just there coincidentally on the same weekend and not part of the event.

But.... I would be wrong!  Turns out Ljubomir (Lou) DID sign up for two spots!  FML

So I sent an email begging for forgiveness and I'm refunding their registrations of course.  Lou was really cool about it and offered to still donate $50 to CORVA. 

Really sorry about all that.  100% my fault.  I'm sending Lou some swag.  They're both free at Mojave in late April or early May.

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“Mrs.motochefarwi” and I made the trek down from the East Bay on Friday. It’s always a battle of endurance on the I 5. 447 miles one way to Panamint Springs Resort. I guess it is one way to wear in the fresh rear tractionator. It behaved nicely on the tarmac without a hitch.

Yup they are noisy, but that’s what you are going to get in an ADV tire. I was wondering how it would hook up in the dirt.


It was @jasonr fist visit to DeathValley.

So it was pretty cool to take him on a route. Jason rode up from Yuma and I think he trailered up about the same distance as us? We decided on riding through Hunter Mountain, Tea Kettle Junction, Race Track, and Ubehebe Crater. It made for a nice loop and then lunch in Furnace Creek. Jason,Eric, Richard and Warren were a fun bunch.


Weather and conditions were perfect, can’t ask for more.


Check out my tracks in Rever below.

I highly recommend it if you like to use your phone. I have been using it for some time now and it keeps getting better. I joined up as a Premium member and use it for every ride. You can post up pics and share your adventures. Just another tool to make our rides more interactive.




Enjoy the video, it has been some time since I put one together. Hope to see you out there next year if you haven’t been!


Special thanks to XLADV, CORVA, and all the sponsors.









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@motochefarwi that video is great!  Thanks for doing that.

That section of sand in Hidden Valley used to be notorious for deep deep silt.  They even re-routed the road a bit to the left to avoid the siltiest spot.  There's a guy I used to know from AOLrider who has a great video of him on your bike just completely wadding it up in that section.  He was a human-powdered-donut after that! 

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