Why I need an 1190 R

Hi Eric!


I agree, and fortunately I have one!



I put over 100 miles on a few of those during a demo day. Way too much bike for me. I could not imagine it offroad!!

It is an absolute blast offroad!  6,000 miles last summer - all dirt!   Too much fun! 

Awe crap, he was riding in New Zealand.   So taking that trail is out in the near future.  


This Birch guy has skills, but what I want to know is does the big KTM hold up to his torture?  How many different bikes does he go through for these videos?  

I put over 100 miles on a few of those during a demo day. Way too much bike for me. I could not imagine it offroad!!

I thought the same thing on my test drive! You'd be amazed how manageable the power is with the offroad riding mode. But your right, riding dirt in Sport mode would likely result in a get off with gusto. :D

I demo'd one at Overland Expo, and I want one now too.  That 8000' + elevation didnt seem to make it any less powerful.  

Haven't had an opportunity to get on one yet but man, the R would be my choice of any current off-road capable KTM. Got so much invested into my 990R that it'd be hard to make the jump! For now , I'll resist trying one because I know what will happen! I've watched to many YouTube videos of that talented Kiwi to drive myself crazy!

The past two years I've worked our local demo at Mid Ohio as a follow rider. Typically they have 12 bikes, 10 riders so the leader and I take the leftovers.

I rarely get the 1190R or 1290 SD but when I do, I'm all smiles! Every time I ride it, I want it. Then after a few days back on my beat up 950, I forget about it until I see one again.

I was talking to Mike Laferty about my 950 at one of the demos and asked what he thought about the 1190 compared to the 950/990 platform. He said as good as those were, the 1190 does everything they do better.

I'm thinking about keeping my 04 950 and selling the 06 950 S to buy one. The S only has 8,500 miles and though it has a few scratches, it still like new.

I rode w/Mike Laferty at the KTM rally last year and he was AMAZING on that 1190R.  Well, he is Mike Laferty after all.  I was on Woody's borrowed Franken-GS and couldn't get it to go up this steep loose hill so Mike took the reins and made it happen :)  Some guy busted the rear brake lever off his 1190 so Mike took his off and gave it to him.  What does Mike Laferty need with a rear brake?  :lol:

My buddy thought he was going well at a dual sport until Mike blew past him on a 990. Wish I had that talent!

My wing man rides an 1190 so I get to see one in action first hand on every ride (and I've tried it out several times), it's a rocket ship for sure! I'd have to say for the average rider the older version 990 has the advantage off road, but I'm a little biased and have more off-road experience than him so it's probably an unfair comparison. His is a 2013 and has had some electrical issues so far, but from what I hear once its dialed in you're good to go… we'll see?

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The Aussies have such a passion for ADV riding , it's infectious! What a land to own an ADV bike ! Great video of a great bike!

cross posted in pics & video too


Ok, sign me up! Then get me some of Chris Birchs' riding talent and I'll be worthy of owning an R

I really love my 990Baja, the 1190R would be the only replacement for it. I have not tried one although sitting on one at the dealer made me think about the first time on a 990, " Man this thing is BIG!" Now I am used to it, it feels like my old

XR350R that I raced as a kid just grew up and turned into a monster off/on road machine!! I think I need 2, an 1190S for street and mild gravel work and an 1190R for the rest!

I gotta stop watching those videos!


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