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Garmin GPSMAP 66i

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I kinda know the answer already, but I'd ask anyway.

I've been in the market for a satellite beacon/locator and I was looking at the recently heavily discounted SPOT, until somebody convinced me it was not the right choice. So I went back drooling over the InReach Mini until I saw that REI now sells the new 66i, which is the combination of a regular GPSMAP handeld device with an InReach beacon.

The reviews of the new 66 series from Garmin are less than stellar, so to speak, so my dilemma now is: amI getting into something that is not good at either of the two things? What if the battery it's done right when and where i need to call for emergency? Shoudn't it better to get two separate devices? And if one fails the other is still running/useful?

I'm confused, but deep down I know I should go for two separate units. And at that point I'll get the largest screen size available to help my poor eyes after years of GPSMAP 60CSx and eTrex30x... So, for much more than the $599 66i would be, I'm looking at a Montana + InReach Mini. Would you agree?

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I have a Montana I'm selling ;) 

I'm using the Voyager Pro from TrailTech and the SpotX from Spot.  I like the SpotX a lot as it has a keyboard on it and works well everywhere I ride and has 24/7/365 customer service (unlike inReach).  I hear the inReach works like it's supposed to though.

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