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What did YOU do on your bike today?

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Dimitri here, the great thread starter :) It's a little bit chilly here in Colorado with high 20's during the day so we're spending a reasonable time in our garages fixing the bikes and getting ready for the riding season which should be starting in about... *looks at the calendar* 2 months...  :cry: 
Until we're on the road, we want to see some fixes, mods, goodies installations, time spent washing the bike, services, tire changes, anything. Here, I'll start:
It all started with a post on the GSGiants FB page and this horrific picture:
I decided it was time to replace my stock skid plate. So I went on the internetz, googled (when did that become a verb?) black dog cycle works and within a few days, I had a package!
Let me start by telling you, the folks at Black Dog Cycle Works have made an EXCEPTIONAL product. But they could have spent a little bit more time writing the instructions... In their defense, I should have spent a little bit more time reading them before I started  :roll:
So since my space in the garage is limited to non existing (you try to fit 4 bikes and a trailer in a one car garage), I decided the easiest way to work on the bike is to put it on the trailer so it is standing up and I can work under it. So I did. I was actually quite proud of myself!
Then I started reading the manual:

1. Place bike on center stand (even if using a bike lift). This eases installation greatly.

I guess I should have read the manual first, right? Oh well, off the trailer and back into the garage.
Step 1a: Remove the stock skid plate. Easy enough, take 5 bolts out (I have a '14 GSA).
Step 1b: Remove all related hardware as well but keep the 4 (four) stock M8x25 bolts.
This is what you need to see before starting installing the BDCW hardware:
Let's put the two skid plates side by side for comparison...
So as I mentioned earlier, I should have spent more time reading the instructions before I started. Therefore, there were several steps I missed. Such as the part that says "move the U-nuts into place AFTER you install the the front mount... This is what I did:
Well, the problem is that the tool that the BDCW people were kind enough to provide, will go through the hole but not through the nut...
After fixing my mistake, I easily installed the front mount and secured it using the stock M8x25 bolts:
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So just when I thought this was the most challenging part of the installation, I then moved to installing the following... First step is to install the plastic wire loop around the two cables by the exhaust flapper:




Then, I took a break to clean up my mess and change my gloves because mild OCD that's why!



This is how it is supposed to look like:



Then I spent a good 10 minutes trying to figure out where the "round frame tube" is... Apparently they good people at BDCW meant this doohickey: 




And just when I thought that installing the plastic wire loop was the hardest step, here comes the rear stand and the hose clamps :cry: God, I hate these things! This is the one part of the instructions you HAVE to follow methodically. Once you put them, it should look like this:




And now for the fun... Following the instructions given, you need to slide the rear mount so that the top part goes under the hose clamps. No, not a joke. Here's what it should look like (took me a good 20 minutes):





Remember I said earlier that the guys at BDCW did a exceptional job creating the product? Look at this detail:

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So here we have it, ready for the last 4 screws:






TIP OF THE DAY: Clean the bike before installing the new skid plate, otherwise chunks of whatever like this will probably fall on your face. Just like it happened with me...



Final product:





It took me a bit less that 3 hours. But remember that:

a. I don't like manuals

b. I don't have maintenance experience

So if a newb like me was able to install it, you'll be fine too. 


Generally, the product feels and looks superior. I'm very happy with my purchase. Now I just have to wait to try it!



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Replaced the Uni pre-filters on my GSA. Bike has about 8K miles on it with a fair amount of off pavement. I also looked inside the air box for the first time. It was as new clean inside the box. Cleaner than some of the street only GSs I've seen. You can pick those up from Touratech USA. this is the one for the new GS:




I only use the pre-filters


They used to sell them for the previous 1200s as well but I don't see them listed at their site anymore.

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I think you put the wrong sticker on your windscreen  ;)


ADV is the forum that got me interested in adventure riding before I purchased my 1st bike. I'm still a daily participant over there. Need some extra large XLADV stickers! I'm a fan of this particular style. 

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I installed a new Madstad windscreen.




And the Touratech Extreme rear shock.






Unfortunately didn't get to test ride. Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

Dude, you have a problem! A cool & expensive one too.  Your bike is turning out awesome!

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Dude, you have a problem! A cool & expensive one too.  Your bike is turning out awesome!



Thank you! I appreciate the positive reenforcement and encouragement. It's only gonna get better until theres nothing left. I love this thing, hence her name being the Mistress... However my biggest problem is my wife's support of the mistress. She's very encouraging/supportive of my insane addiction. Next up, forks customized by Konflict Motorsports... Let the waiting list begin...

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I'm getting ready to remove the charcoal can & piping from my Tiger. Not b/c it's in the way... Mostly b/c it's not required for any state but Cal and it's just extra weight. And, I need to tinker.  That 3lbs. loss is going to make my bike handle like a 250 2-stroke, so....


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I replaced my BDCW with an AltRider skid plate on my R1200GSA


So let me start by saying that I have no major issues with the BDCW skid plate. It served me well a few months 


back when I rode AltRider's Taste of Dakar. In 


fact, I really enjoyed the challenge of installing it myself. I even made a guide about it!


However there were a few things I found weird and due to mild... who am I kidding, severe OCD, I had my mind on 


'em all the time. Such is the fact it was using hose-clamps to secure the bracket where the skid plate would 






See what I mean?


Regardless, even with the hose-clamps, I had no issues like losing it while riding etc. However, while at the 


Taste of Dakar event, I had the chance to see the AltRider skid plate mounted on a GSA and what can I say... I 


liked it!


So I violated 2098's toy budget and ordered me one! A few days later...






So here's everything that was shipped. Of course, the instructions were there as well. Yes, this time I did read 


them. And yes, I was sure I followed them step by step. And let me tell you what: 1 hour and 9 minutes. That's 


how long it took me. My only complain... 




But AltRider was kind enough to have their instructions on their website so I got my iPad with me to the garage 


and started the installation! :clap Not to mention that I was able to get someone on the phone right away and 


answered a stupid question I had...




Here's a comparison next to the BDCW one. Nothing much different, right? Well... From this picture you can tell 


that the BDCW has a little bit taller profile. REGARDLESS, this is NOT a comparison. Not yet, this will come 


after I test the AltRider one!




So the good folks at AltRider, were kind enough to include a note with what tools I need before I start. Let me 


tell you: that, was, AWESOME! Having to stop in order to buy those pliers, would have sucked!

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So let's start with the first step (that was NOT in the guide)!




Let's loosen up all the lower crash bars of the GSA! Because my friends, the skid plate, is attached on the frame 


(among other places)...




All of them...




Now we REMOVE this one completely!





We also remove these two!




Thin spacer between the bracket and the frame, using the screw provided.




Thick spacer on the rear one and using the BMW screws.





This is how it will look (LEFT SIDE).




Now, let's repeat the same steps on the RIGHT side. Yes, I'll show you pictures because OCD that's why! :wink:




Remove these two...




Remove this one...





And loosen up these ones.




Right bracket, front side, thin spacer and screw provided by AltRider.




Thick spacer and OEM screws on the rear right side.







Better view of what you should look at.
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Alright, are you ready for this? Because I sure as heck was not...
Let's put the bike on the side stand. Good... Now... Let's remove the center stand! :eek1:eek1:eek1:huh:huh
Well, yes... the skid plates goes there!
Using this doohickey, I removed the safety pin (woohoo!!)
Then, I tried to remove the tube, cylinder, mini barrel, whatever...
Yeah, ain't happening.
Did I mention that AltRider made sure I have all the tools required? Well, I'm not sure this is what I was 
supposed to do with the extension, but it worked! :D
Rinse and repeat (on the other side). And...
This is why we wear protection people! Let me tell you my goggles saved me!

LOOK MA! NO CENTER STAND! Did I mention the bike needed to be in the side stand? :lol3
So now, using the screws also provided...
We secure the front side of the skid plate.
Then we put the barrel thingie back through the plate first.
Then we put the safety pin back.
We repeat the same process on the other side. Now, you'll see that in this picture, I... forgot... to put the 
skid plate before putting the barrel thingie in. So, sue me!
Then we secure the barrel thing with the screws provided. Make sure the thread and head type matches!
Tighten everything back and you're good go! 
1. Make sure you tighten back EVERYTHING!!!
2. Use Loctite thread lock where instructed! (not shown in pictures)

Here's the final product!
HEY!!! I want to see YOU trying fitting 4 bikes and a trailer in a one-car garage! Don't look at my mess :shog
So.... people will ask me: "WHY THE HECK DID YOU REMOVE THE BDCW??!"
Well, among other things because I think the AltRider looks more... stylish. Yes, I'm that guy. Maybe, I'll 
regret it, maybe not. It is a matter of taste people. Both products are superior. Well, I don't know yet about 
the AltRider one. I'm going to ride the same terrain in 2 weeks. I'll let you know!
Dimitri, out!
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Well this weekend i installed a front and rear touratech shock on my gsa. Front was a nightmare. also installed a bottle opener and the panniers along with a few other little goodies. 

oh yeah , can't forget all new brakes


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