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SoCal Aussie saying hello!

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Hey everyone,

I signed up a couple weeks ago when I booked in my 8th Annual High Sierra rally! Was told about it from a mate and I’m looking forward to meeting a bunch of you.

ive been riding two wheels since a boy: Bmx, racing downhill Mtb, dirt bikes to road bikes and now that I’m in LA (since 2014), I’m on a Zero DSR for commuting and day trips, and a KTM 1290sar for everything else! Rode up to Canada and did the WABDR, Touratech rally and ride back through whistler to christen it, and have done other trips since: Rowher Flats, Big Sur, Overland expo in Flagstaff, and plenty other road rides. 

Looking forward to getting into these rides and finding more people and places to explore down here and beyond!

Outside riding, I love good beer, play in a band for fun, travel way too much than my bank account would like, and work in film (screenwriter).

Cheers to all!


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Welcome.  I hope to spend time exploring Australia as you are doing with the US.  Any trouble for an Australian buying a bike in the USA?  I would do the same thing in Oz if I ever get down there but don't know the complexities of a "foreigner" buying a bike in a country where they don't have citizenship and local documents like a driver's license or insurance, etc.

I live in Washington State and have done much of our BDR but never the whole thing front to back.  Maybe we'll meet up on the road somewhere.


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