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Stupid Cows!

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So last week a few guys snd I rode up to Crown King, AZ for dinner. On the way back about 8 p.m. the guy in front of me spooked 2 black cows out of the ditch. Running about 30mph on the dirt road a got on the brakes, but street tires and ABS decided i should keep most of that speed.


I clipped the rump of the cow with the headlights on my Tenere. I didn't crash, kinda rode through the incident. After stopping, giving myself a pat down and looking around and the cows were gone. Nowhere to be seen.


Bike is a bit worse for wear, about 1k in parts, but they are ordered and on the way.


All at 29,830 miles and the bikes first real damage incident.


I was able to tape the headlights in place and ride the 70 miles home from the incident, so at least there is that.20191025_193544.jpg20191025_205954.jpg20191025_210000.jpg20191025_210012.jpg20191030_124158.jpg20191030_124203.jpg20191030_124217.jpg

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aw bummer!  Glad you're okay.  The cow too you think?
More than likely, it wandered off into the darkness.

Parts are enroute to put it back together
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