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Hi everyone, 

did you ever felt the frustration of going off road and seing all your friends desactivate their ABS in one click on their bike, while you had to put it on centerstand, shift on 2nd gear and make a rain dance around ? If so, here is a little tutorial on how to install an ABS switch for the Super Tenere. Mine is 2012 but I believe it's the same for all. Do this modification at your own risk and don't forget to reactive the ABS when you hit the pavement again.

1) Create this circuit with weathertight connexions 


- 25A waterproof switch

-14AWG outdoor electrical wire (between 3 or 5ft depending if you install the switch right or left on the dashboard)

-regular fuse holder

-14Ga blade connectors


2) Plug a hole on the dashboard of the size of the interruptor. I think right side is convenient since it's gonna be connected on the right panel :


3) Drag the whole circuit through the hole under the right point fixation of the tank while securing properly along the way


4) Unplug the 30A ABS fuse and plug it into the fuse holder of the circuit you just created



5) Plug the blade connectors of the circuit where the 30A was originally connected 


And that's it. At this point, verify that everything works correctly before closing the right panel. You need to turn the bike key in OFF position to switch ON and OFF the ABS. So turn the key on OFF position, the ABS switch on ON, power the bike, nothing should appear on the dashboard since ABS is working fine. Turn the key on OFF position, the ABS switch on OFF, power the bike, the orange light of the ABS should appear, stating that the ABS is not activated. 


I hope this could help all Super Tenere riders ! We personally like this mod.

If there are any Frenchies here, you could find the same tutorial in French (along with other bike related stuffs) on our website by following this link


Thank you guys, see you on the trails. 

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