XLADV Merchandise Thread


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For now we have these lovely XLADV stickers, which are printed on 3M reflective film.  At 2" round, they make the perfect gift for any occasion!


When applying to a curved surface such as a helmet, try to warm the sticker up with a hair dryer or something and apply, being careful to iron out any wrinkles.


I'm sure at some point in the future I'm sure we'll do t-shirts, hats, flags, etc...


Simply Paypal $3/sticker or 2/$5 to fudgypup at yahoo dot com with your mailing address.


T-shirts and Hats? YES!

Money sent! Gotta represent!

Sent money to fudgypup for 2 stickers please!   :thumbsup:

Ran out of stickers :(  I'll let you know when I make more.

More stickers are on their way shortly...

New velcro patches for those tactical shirts, jackets you may have.  $10 PayPal to fudgypup at yahoo and include your shipping address



FullSizeRender 33.jpg

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    • By XLADV
      These 2" round XLADV.com stickers are printed on 3M reflective film and are of high quality. Each sticker is good for + 6hp and be cautioned, once on your bike, you will be asked for autographs wherever you go.

      $3.00 USD per sticker or two for $5.00. Paypal fudgypup at yahoo dot com with your complete mailing address and we'll get some in the mail ASAP!

    • By Eric Hall
      I saw a similar video for the Tenere 660 and since that bike isn't sold in the US and the GS/GSA is and have sold quite a few, I thought I'd do a similar video.  The things I go over in this video really apply to just about any adventure bike.
      The key issue here for a lot of riders is what exactly do I need to do to my bike to outfit it for off-road riding?  When I started out I had absolutely no clue and unfortunately wasted some time and even more money figuring all this out.  I figure I can use my experience to save you money 
      I have to say though that I honestly didn't know how much I'd enjoy riding my bike off-road when I first bought it.  I figured it was just a means to an end, not an end in and of itself.
      However, these bikes don't exactly come dirt-ready off the showroom floor.  There are some things you should do right away, some things before others given their importance and of course some things you really don't need to do.  We've all seen that shiny sparkly bike at Starbucks all farkled up and you just know that thing has never seen anything more adventurous than a gutter in front of its driveway.  Don't be that guy!
      The other thread here "Post your gear questions here" is more for the apparel side.  This is the bike part of that same set of questions.
      I know it's long but if you're new to adventure riding or an experienced rider looking to explore more dirt, I think you'll find it helpful.

    • By Lorry4655
      Hi there folks,
      My name's Lorry Gombos and I'm the founder of Outback Motortek, manufacturer and distributor of adventure motorcycle products. Eric has kindly offered me to introduce my business to the XL ADV forum users and offline lurkers.
      It's hard to squeeze Outback Motortek's history into a short story but I'll try and tell you guys how I ended up taking on this tough venture in this very saturated market.
      No need to go too far back in the time when I first began riding and what kind of bikes I've owned etc..Fast forward that and I found myself living in Taiwan with my wife teaching English on the daily basis and riding around the island as much as 40K in 3 years. Not a big deal unless you only own a small 150cc scooter. But it doesn't matter what you ride but rather where and how you ride it. Again, fast forward time to December 2012 and I caught myself staring at an oversized, outdated (communist!) Asia map. By this time we had known that we would leave Taiwan for Canada very soon but before doing so I wanted to visit my family and friends in Hungary. So, I was calculating distances, sizing up deserts, considering road of bones and the Pamir highway and asked my wife " Do you want to ride to Europe instead of flying??". She said "How long would it take?" I couldn't believe my ears as I totally expected a "are you insane?" response...I replied "3 weeks if we ship our bike to Vladivostok, Russia". I know, I kinda lied but it was always my dream to cross the Asian continent way before Charlie and Ewan did. Of course, they re-inspired me!
      Fast forward the time again, I was deep into organizing what I thought was a simple task: purchase a bike that is reliable, can carry two people and luggage across Asia. Not so simple.
      Long story short, I ended up giving up riding from Vladivostok and even to ship my bike to Mongolia (logistics reasons made it impossible or too costly). I had to settle for Kyrgyzstan. Not a big loss, on the contrary! I got to spend more time exploring the Pamir Highway and its surroundings.
      I had to reach out to my family and friends in Hungary to buy me a decent motorcycle due the extremely high Taiwanese foreign vehicle import tax. My final choice - 2004 Suzuki Vstrom 650 - would have cost me $10,000.00 appr. in Taiwan, meanwhile in Europe one could get it for $3500-4500.
      Here comes the story of Outback Motortek before you think I'm writing a ride report The Vstrom, my best friend ended up buying for me only had a set of Givi bars to make it adventure (?) worthy.
      Lucky me, my father had owned a metal fabricating company for 30 years and had a great facility, engineers and a handful of skilled workers to tackle any metal related task. Let's just call the company by its name, G&T Manufacturing Inc. which mostly known in the medical devices business in Europe and is a major supplier for a Dutch company.
      My father's business outfitted my bike with all kinds of farkles, like aluminum panniers, center stand, upper crash bar, tool box etc. We still had no intentions of selling and manufacturing all these. I just wanted to get the job done and do the ride of my life. After finally riding out of the Kyrgyz customs and headed towards the Chinese border and later south towards Tajikistan and Afghanistan, we began meeting other explorers from Europe and Australia going the other direction. We always greeted each other, exchanged information but most conversations were about comparing farkles...Most of them noticed that our gear was well-made and somewhat unique looking and they were wondering what brand was it...
      Finally after nearly 8 weeks and 14000kms on the road we got to Hungary and I was ready to sell the bike and fly to Canada. We took off all the products my dad's business made and sold it online separate from the bike. In no time! I had to remove the ads later because the phone didn't stop ringing...
      Just then it hit me that maybe....Why not join this small but constantly growing market?!
      So, back to the title whether Outback Motortek is just another accessories manufacturer? It perhaps is but hopefully with our passion for adventure riding, a fully equipped facility and a dedicated and experienced team behind us, we will mean business for the major ADV/Dual-Sport motorcycle manufacturers in the near future.

    • By Rainier_runner
      Picked up an AltRider Rear Brake Master Cylinder Guard for the KTM 1190 Adventure / R , and an AltRider Side Stand Foot for the KTM 1190 Adventure / R today at the EuroMoto 2015 today. Was able to call in and order them ahead of time and have them bring them to the show to avoid shipping. Thanks Altrider! Always a pleasure to deal with. 
      The rear master cylinder guard looks like this...



      And the side stand foot like this...



      I didn't get home in time to install them today. But hopefully I'll get a few minutes tomorrow, as I don't think it'll take that long. However I'm throwing a 5th birthday party for my son... So who knows. 
      All that aside, when I get it done, I'll post up some pics and initial thoughts. Then return after some thorough use and review it again.
      Currently I'm already running their bash plate and rear racks. Suppose I should get some good pics of those as well. So far so good with them. I'll say a little more once I get a couple pics up.
      If anyone else is running Altrider kit and would like to contribute, by all means, jump in and get after it!
      *Just to clarify, I have zero afiliation with Altrider other than enjoying they're hard parts and 2013 and 2014 Hoh rallies.