XLADV Merchandise Thread


20150306 164530

For now we have these lovely XLADV stickers, which are printed on 3M reflective film.  At 2" round, they make the perfect gift for any occasion!


When applying to a curved surface such as a helmet, try to warm the sticker up with a hair dryer or something and apply, being careful to iron out any wrinkles.


I'm sure at some point in the future I'm sure we'll do t-shirts, hats, flags, etc...


Simply Paypal $3/sticker or 2/$5 to fudgypup at yahoo dot com with your mailing address.


T-shirts and Hats? YES!

Money sent! Gotta represent!

Sent money to fudgypup for 2 stickers please!   :thumbsup:

Ran out of stickers :(  I'll let you know when I make more.

More stickers are on their way shortly...

New velcro patches for those tactical shirts, jackets you may have.  $10 PayPal to fudgypup at yahoo and include your shipping address



FullSizeRender 33.jpg

Got stickers? Still have some patches? :ride:

Oh Oh Oh ME TOO!!!!!!! :wub:

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