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Hello from the Inland Empire/ San Bernardino County.

Looking forward to the event in September. Gear and bike ready to go.

Not sure what bike I'm taking. Either my Versys 650 set up for ADV riding or my new Tenere T700 if it arrives at the Dealership in time.

The T7 looks like a JUL/AUG delivery, so I'll have to set it up quickly. I have most of the part/accessories ordered and much of it delivered already and piled up at home.

I just have a few more decisions to make: soft pannier models, tires, and fresh new gear. I have a couple sets of Givi Outback Trekker boxes, but I'm going soft for the T7.

I'm down with riding up to the event from San Bernardino, Los Angeles counties. Just hit me up.

Versys 650 Big Bear.jpg

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3 hours ago, Eric Hall said:

Welcome!  Def the T700!!!

GIVI USA is the title sponsor of our rally Sep 3 so maybe you can win a set of their panniers!?

T7 would be my choice also. I just have to take delivery, whenever Yamaha gets around to shipping mine to the Dealership.

That would be nice. I have a good size dent on one of the side 37L Outback Trekker panniers that I've yet to straighten out. doh!

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Update - found in the regional forum.

What are the details of the September event? I thought I saw somewhere but can't find it now.

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