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Eric Hall

AdventureSafely App

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Met this guy David Thomas on Instagram who has a cool free app called AdventureSafely.  It basically leverages your cell phone and the spotty cell coverage where you ride as a way to let your loved ones know where you are.

So no, it's not GPS and won't work where there's no cell coverage but the reality is there's minimal spotty cell coverage all over that along the course of your route you're likely to encounter at least one or two of these areas that are enough to be able to communicate your location.

You can choose to check in manually or at an interval then designate a recipient(s) to receive a text with link on a map of where you are.

A future version will show you a map of these various spotty areas you can use to go to if you really need a signal to use your phone for another purpose.

So it's not gps but it leverages tech you're already carrying, is free and is better than nothing!  A perfect gift for that special KLR rider friend 😉



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David here - developer of the AdventureSafely app.  Yes - the AdventureSafely app is only available on Android because IOS has more strict rules about apps that send texts.  With the AdventureSafely app as it is on Android, you can put it on "Auto," put the phone in your pocket or backpack, and forget about it.  The app will periodically send texts with your location to someone back home.  Very handy in the event that something unfortunate happens!  If someone were to try to write a similar app for iPhone, you would have to be pulling over and approving every text that it wants to send.  A royal PITA, to the point of not being useful.  So hoping to get as many of you Android folks as possible using the app, and as it gets bigger, maybe we can talk Apple into loosening up their rules.

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