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I’d like to talk more about batteries! I recall when I needed my first battery replaced on my GSA people seemed to recommend Yuasa over and over.


I did what they call in market research speak an “unaided awareness” study on our IG story feed for what brand of batteries come to mind and sure enough the #1 is Yuasa.


I had one on the 990 but it was a 2011 bike I bought in 2015 with just 3k miles and had sat for years without being ridden and I replaced it with a lithium ion one.


Lithium ion batteries are light, last a long time and can sit for long periods but weight isn’t really an issue on a 500lb bike and they don’t like to start in the cold, not to mention reports of fires.


For this long term trip I’m going to get a Yuasa because I really don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere needing a new battery.

YuasaChart_930x618.jpgScreen Shot 2020-12-04 at 7.53.41 AM.png

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