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Eric Hall

Dakar 2021

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Should be another interesting Dakar this year. Saw something about problems the Argentinians were having with flights due to covid. Hope they make it.


Listened to this podcast by Quinn Cody doing an interview with Ricky Brabec and really liked it.


They talked about a controversial new tire rule limiting them to just 6 rear tires. Ricky says (agreed) that it’s a safety issue. Whose going to dial it back a notch on bald tires? No one. Safety issue.


They also have to ride with airbag vests which are heavy.


Part I liked best is the talk about their team effort despite which factory team or energy team sponsors them. It’s been a grand collaboration between Andrew Short, Jimmy Lewis, Johnny Campbell, Ricky, etc... Very Olympian.


Also factor of living and training in the Mojave desert gives them and advantage. They’re racing like 3-5 road books a week which will put them at a huge advantage as others my do 1 a month.


Should be exciting!


Im obviously following the Americans again but also Neil Hawker and Sara Garcia.IMG_1659.png

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Prologue today. Skyler got 13TH but was just like 27 seconds behind the leader, Ricky Brabec and just 3” behind Toby Price. Impressive!

Neil Hawker got 57th (2’23” back) which is in line with his performance last year. Any sub-60 finish for an amateur is VERY good.

Sara García got like 96th but I think just 7’44” back.

Prologues are typically very short stages designed to sort of shake off the cobwebs and get people’s minds on stage 1.

You can imagine my excitement at finishing 9th in the Sonora Rally. It was not to last long but so much fun.

Really great comprehensive overview of the Dakar


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Stage 1 had Ricky out front but he got tripped up by some tricky navigation and lost quite a bit of his lead. Out front you gotta fast AND right .

Skyler finished well again as did Neil Hawker and Sara García.

Im on episode 7 of that Dakar Daily podcast; the Johnny Campbell interview.

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Stage 3. Wow. Where to begin?

It’s really hard to dissect what goes on just looking at finish times at the end of each day which is why I’d advise you to keep current on that Dakar Daily podcast with Jesse Ziegler and Quinn Cody.

Lots of extreme time swings for the leaders. You can see Ricky had another tough day but yesterday he made up SO much time.

Then Toby lost so much time and then made up a lot today.

Walk we had clutch issues yesterday taking him out of contention for the win but he’ll be a good water boy now.

Sad to see Andrew Short out with what may be fuel issues. Toby complained of possible fuel issues too.

Sara Garcia has a really long day yesterday but she’s back in the game today.

Neil continues to turn in sub-60 finishes so he must be very happy.

Big news is Skyler came in at 4th today and now sees himself with the overall lead!!! And he gets three tracks to follow tomorrow. He’s got to be very happy now.

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