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Eric Hall

Dunlop D908 RR Tire

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Anyone try these? I’d love to get your thoughts.


I’ve seen these typically on the back of KTM 950/990’s and usually run by riders I looked up to.


All I know is that they were designed for rally raid (“RR”) and have a very long life.


Rich was running one in his 690 in Baja and when he got a flat, he didn’t recognize it until later that day because they’re pretty hefty and are designed to run on low pressures.


I was always put off by them because I heard they were like $300 but heard they now go for as little as $170 and now come in a 150 width for the heavier adv bikes now (18” rear).


There is no “D908 front,” but is paired with their D606.


I hope to try one on the 990 when I get back but right now a 50/50 tire works better for this type of adventure I’m on.


I think the only tire that comes close these days would be either the RallZ or Desert HT by Motoz.


What Dunlop has to say about them:


Designed for the speed, horsepower and weight of large-displacement rally-type machines.

The D908RR is DOT approved for street-legal use.

Reinforced tread blocks yield enhanced traction and stability.

Generous open space around the shoulder area helps optimize traction in sand and mud.

Heavy-duty casing for excellent bump absorption and allows lower air pressures for a larger footprint and increased traction.IMG_2714.jpg.2f5a8594027e35303f11601ba0cc8f4c.jpgIMG_2712.thumb.jpg.b009034c691e3c59095b1ade4ba44f8c.jpg

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I had the D908 on my KTM 690. It is a great tire in most off-road scenarios. I don't ride a lot of deep sand, but it seemed to dig in well when i did. It also gripped very well on tarmac. Not noisy on the freeways. I felt that they had a short life (under 2000 miles), but I did a lot of city riding and long freeway rides to the trails, so I'm burning through most knobbies faster than most. I'm using the Motoz Rallz now on my Scrambler 1200 and love them, but they are much more noisy on the road.

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