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Motorcycle insurance Central America


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Hello everyone,

we are planning an epic ride to central and south america starting in April 2022.

We are currently checking the motorcycle insurances. My understanding is that every country has his own policy and that it is often best to purchase at the border. But those infos are a bit outdated so I'm wondering if someone has some updated information about that ?

Maybe starting with central America, Mexico to Panama ?

Thank you in advance !

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I got my Mexican insurance online before I crossed from Lewis & Lewis and printed it out as well as had as a pdf.

Don't recall how I did it in Guatemala but you can purchase at the border and it's usually not difficult or expensive.

Don't recall El Salvador either.

Nicaragua I bought it at an insurance company office in Esteli and it was cheap.

Costa Rica will require you to buy it then and there at the border and it's cheap and easy.  But they want you to buy covid health insurance too which is like $11/day which is a ripoff.  

Panama was the biggest pain in the ass as the insurance guy wasn't there so I had to wait two days for him.  Finally someone took pity on my and called someone they knew who came and sold me a policy he arranged right there on his cell phone.

Some countries don't require moto insurance though.

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