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High Sierra 2022

Eric Hall

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A placeholder for our event Sep 1-4, 2022.  Same place and format as before, Brown's Owens River Campground at Benton Crossing, CA.  Details to follow.
Registration link here (when I set it up later).  IRS wants all the payment processors like PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc... to record everything over $600 now and I'm sure with simple tax accounting I can establish it's a fundraiser event for a 501.c.3 charity and not taxable income but I'm tempted to just say show up and pay cash lol.  

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Some great news to share... Simon Cudby of OffRoad Underground has agreed to shoot photos for our rally!

Simon co-founded Upshift Online and did a story (pg 102) with great photos for our Mojave event a few years ago.

I am ready to do a registration link but want to have final artwork on the logo but need to see who wants to be a title sponsor.  I think Harley may do it again as they reached out to me to fill out some corporate bs forms recently.  As soon as I get final artwork, I'll put up a registration link.

This damn inflation has me a bit worried though.  I read some post of a moto friend who was pulling a trailer and she said it cost like $5 for every 10 miles she drove!  This might be the event you want to ride and not trailer too,  lol.

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Ha ha gas is just silly right now. I have gone to Costco and filled up Jerry cams of gas for my commuter bikes. $30 to fill up the 990 the other day. Finally getting some decent mileage by adding Godzilla fuel filters and a new fuel pump filter.
Fingers crossed for me this year!

Last year was epic, some sick trails and good times! Follow @greedyg and the Motley crew!

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