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High Sierra 2022

Eric Hall

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A placeholder for our event Sep 1-4, 2022.  Same place and format as before, Brown's Owens River Campground at Benton Crossing, CA.  Details to follow.
Registration link here.  
For those who haven't yet attended, this is our 11th Annual event.  It's held at Brown's Owens River campground at Benton Crossing, CA.  Most people either camp in a tent or in their RV's/vehicles.  Registration includes camping so no need to contact the campground.  There are real bathrooms with hot showers as well as a few portable toilets a bit closer.  There are no RV hookups for water, electricity or waste.  There is fresh water available though.  The event spans 3 nights (thu-sun).  Most people used to show up Friday but that has shifted more to Thursday night now.
As far as a schedule of events goes, we basically assemble each morning around 8:00 am and self-organize rides based on the type of terrain you'd like to ride (scenic, intermediate, hard).  It's a good idea to plan to be back at camp by 5:00 or so in order to have time to shower, eat, etc before dark.  GPS tracks will be posted the week of the event but you can find them in last year's thread as well.  Saturday night before sunset we have a raffle prize drawing and tickets can be purchased at the event for $10 each.  All proceeds go to Motorrad Angels, a 501.c.3 charitable organization.
Daytime highs at camp are in the high 80's/low 90's and around 11 pm it's in the 50's.  But the camp is at nearly 7,000' and in a low spot so all the cold air settles there and before sunrise it often dips below freezing.  An insulated sleeping pad, head cover and sleeping bag rated to 20 degrees or less is highly recommended.
There are plenty of food and gas options as well as a general store at camp.  Some people like to cook and if you can team up with them then that makes things much easier.
Feel free to post up any questions below.

DoubleTake Mirrors
John Fritz
John Fritz (guest)
Pietro Ambrosioni (GIVI USA)
John MacDonald
Roman Krajewski
Ted Garrington
Ted Garrington (guest)
Caitlin Fine

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Some great news to share... Simon Cudby of OffRoad Underground has agreed to shoot photos for our rally!

Simon co-founded Upshift Online and did a story (pg 102) with great photos for our Mojave event a few years ago.

I am ready to do a registration link but want to have final artwork on the logo but need to see who wants to be a title sponsor.  I think Harley may do it again as they reached out to me to fill out some corporate bs forms recently.  As soon as I get final artwork, I'll put up a registration link.

This damn inflation has me a bit worried though.  I read some post of a moto friend who was pulling a trailer and she said it cost like $5 for every 10 miles she drove!  This might be the event you want to ride and not trailer too,  lol.

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Ha ha gas is just silly right now. I have gone to Costco and filled up Jerry cams of gas for my commuter bikes. $30 to fill up the 990 the other day. Finally getting some decent mileage by adding Godzilla fuel filters and a new fuel pump filter.
Fingers crossed for me this year!

Last year was epic, some sick trails and good times! Follow @greedyg and the Motley crew!

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