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Motorcycle registration while travelling



Hello XL riders, 


about to leave the US for a year long South America roadtrip, I'm wondering how to deal with motorcycle registration. Ours needs to be renewed in August but we won't be in the US anymore to do it, additionally we won't be insured in the US. I know registration can be done online, but heard that insurance validate to DMV that the bike is insured in order to confirm the registration process. 

I'm wondering how travellers do when abroad for more than a year since the registration is asked at border crossing in latin America ? I planned to change my adress to a friend of mine that could help us during the trip by sending stuff wherever we are, but what about the insurance in the US ? Do you have to fill a planned non operation to bypass that or how does it work ? 


Thank you in advance. 

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What I did was change my address to Arizona (my mom's house but you could get a PO Box), got a driver's license there and then registered my motorcycle for two years.  Mexico was the only country to ask me for my US insurance so don't cancel it before you cross that border.  They want to make sure you're not taking your bike to Mexico to sell it (not sure why they care).  I think CA doesn't offer a two year registration.

Try to get a printed version of your title. I tried to get one from AZ and I'm pretty sure their site say it's all digital now; they just send it to you electronically and you can print it.  A few countries hassled me on that.

Many people also will "relocate" to South Dakota because vehicle registration there is much cheaper (as is AZ) if not free.  Plus, I think they have no income tax (AZ is much lower than CA).  And if you're in the US less than about 35 days/year you pay no income tax on the first $120k or so in income.

And don't forget to get a TVIP or temporary vehicle import permit.  Many tourists to Baja Norte never get it and they're not asked but to take the ferry and exit the country any other place and they'll ask for it.  You'll pay a deposit of a few hundred dollars but they give you that back when you leave.  Just make sure you VIN number is easily visible on the frame somewhere because they'll take a photo of it with a cell phone.  And ask for 6 months tourist visa which is normal but if you don't ask, they may only give you a month.

You'll need insurance for the bike there and I usually get mine ahead of time online with Lewis and Lewis although many use BajaBound too.  Print it out and keep it with you.  This may all be familiar to you already as I think I've seen your pics down there but just saying it for others who may also be curious.

And of course, Horizons Unlimited forum has great info like this as well.

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