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California Loop

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Since I got back from Mexico, the poor 990 has been waiting patiently in the garage for another shining moment. That shining moment came again on Sunday, March 29th. My originally planned trip started out as a huge day ride with another 990 buddy through DV, but plans changed when I needed to be in SF on the following Tuesday. So I changed some plans and decided to make a little loop through California and WOW....This is a golden state just like Huell Howser always said. 


Day One:

Orange County to Mammoth Lakes. I went through the Pinnacles/Trona and up Wildrose to access Emigrant Canyon. Mostly slab but a few choice spots of high speed dirt thrown in to break it up. Then over to Panamint Springs for a burger. Then out to Lone Pine to catch 395 all the way to Mammoth. A cold beer at Mammoth Brewing Co. and a warm bed capped off day one.  


Any good Ride Report should Start with a beer. And this one was tasty!



The trusty 990 parked at the fabulous Motel 6 in Mammoth Lakes. 





Day Two:

Mammoth Lakes to San Francisco. I left Mammoth and headed over to Schats for a delicious pastry but 18 gapers in line staring at me in my Badlands was slightly awkward. So I headed over to the trusty Starburnt and enjoyed my grande non fat caramel triple latte. Yeah, you heard me. I ran into some like minded guys and we shot the shit and I helped him start his brand new 350 exc. Ok, onto the pics.


Inyo Craters road off the Mammoth escape route. Spider web of trails for hundreds of miles. 



Lots of this. Can I get a hell yeah??



Bodie State Park. Really cool, take the back way in, no pun intended. 



Then more of this:



I went over Monitor Pass (Badass) and Hwy 88 to get over the Sierras. I stopped in Markleeville and had some of the best Carnitas tacos ever. It was at a place called Ali's. I highly recommend this place and you will know why when you go there for lunch. Hwy 88 is a really good road. 


Day Three: 

SF to SF. I had to see a client most of day three but let me tell you about old La Honda road. Holy crap....Just make an appointment to have lunch at this place and you will be very happy you did. 


I have never explore this area and I could have died and gone to heaven. Makes me want to relocate. 


Day Four:

SF to Orange County. My wife was starting to wonder if I was on another motorcycle trip or I was actually seeing customers so I jammed home. I did take the scenic route though. 


I rode back through Old La Honda because it was so badass and then over to the coast. Here is my 990 glamour shot. No bust must plus needed. 



The south to Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Yep, every bit as awesome in person. At this point, I think I was singing in my helmet.



More lighthouse action



I was running low on carbs so i made a quick stop in Los Olivos to fuel up. 



And the Tavern:



After Los Olivos, I made my way back to the concrete jungle. Total was around 1400 miles and many smiles. Good food, good beer and maybe a little adventure thrown in....yes, sign me up again please.

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Thanks for sharing! I love reading this stuff right before the weekend... Screw work! Time to plan my ride for Saturday! ;)


Have a great weekend and again, thanks for taking the time to share.

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