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EuroMoto 2015

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Let me preface with two things. One, the show was not nearly as large as I was anticipating. Two, I was looking at bike way to much to be worried about taking pics. That being said, here is what I did take. Pardon the amateur photography and shitty camera. 
Dream bike... Super Duke 1290.
Mine is way better. Seriously!
I'd rock the shit outta this around town.
Finished the day at my favorite brewery. Elysian Fields. Had a Pastrami sandwich as well, but this is the important part!
My apologies for the shortage of pics. I'll do better next time!

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Thanks for sharing. 👍 That does look like a small show. I go to the AIMExpo in Orlando yearly and it's HUGE. As in a full day is not enough if you really dig in.


None-the-less, looks like you had a good time. Better than a day of work anyway!

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Show was definitely smaller but had a nice intimate feeling.  All the major european motorcycle brands were represented and some of the local motorcycle accessories companies and dealers.  It was a shame the Desert 100 was on the same weekend which made companies either pick one or split their resources.  They did have some pretty good door prices for people who filled out a show survey.  The food trucks just outside also provided a nice rest and refueling area.


While the big Progressive show is at the Seattle conference center, the Euromoto show as at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall.  Pretty easy to find with parking cheaper than downtown.  There was free motorcycle parking in the garage but the signs were a bit late to be put out.  We arrived a few minutes early and circled once before finding the hidden motorcycle area.




A view from the balcony of the hall.




One nice option this year was free demo rides.  Moto Guzzi, Apprila, Vespa, Ducati, & MV Augusta were available.  Sadly, BMW, Triumph, and KTM were not available. Organizers also changed the demo route to remove the higher speed Aurora/99 section due to time/traffic concerns after preriding the weekend before.  I still was able to take a few bikes out that I wouldn't normal which was nice.  Sign up was hidden a bit and the staging area was in the garage by bike parking.  (Thanks Touratech for sponsoring (according to the sign.))








WOHVA.org was there (grouped with a firearm training group) to help us PNW off-roaders organize to help save public access.




Our friends at Altrider had a prime booth location at the front door.  Jeremy gave what I was assume was a great presentation on the Hoh but we weren't around to attend.




Touratech booth.  No matter how many times I sign up to win that new Aventuro helmet....they never seem to call my name.




Ducati, Ducati Club, Moto Guzzi, Triumph, KTM, Beta, local motorcycle museum all had pretty good size booths with plenty of eye candy.




Found a few nice samples in parking garage, Used bike Lot, Museum booth, and some of the clubs.





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I took out the Aprilla Dorsoduro 750 and Caponord 1200.  Both were fun, but not for me.  Love the tiger.  Kind of wish I took out a few of the guzzi's (my first bike about 5 yrs ago was a Breva 750) but that was an after thought.  Besides, Moto International and Dave Richardson are only a few miles away if I ever feel the need.


As far as a let down...no KTM, BMW, and Triumph demo bikes.  I have ridden most of the KTM's at dealership demo day, the BMW's of friends, but haven't tried the XCX yet.  Not sure why, but it would have been nice to be able to test out all the comparable adv bikes back to back.  Not sure how any of the electric bikes would have been for demo rides throughout the day, but taking a zero out would have been interesting.


The show did seem small, but thinking European motorcycles....not sure whom else would have made it bigger besides more local dealership and accessories vendors.  Maybe some local smaller repair or suspension shops.  I haven't worked a trade show in years, but from my memory it probably isn't cost feasible for the small guys.


I was happy to not see 5 booths selling antifog like you see at the other motorcycle shows.

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