USB Id Blacelet


Recently I noticed a product called Epic ID USB Bracelet. In a nutshell, it's an emergency themed design that allows emergency medical professionals access to who you are, your contacts, and vital health info in the event of an accident where you can't communicate such or just want fast,easy transfer of this info.




It's priced around $35 bucks and attractively packaged. But, being the DIY'r that I am, I wondered if one could make something perfectly functional out of one of these?



I know that emergency responders are used to looking for medical bracelets and necklaces, so could you stick a simple USB device like this one on a silver ball chain, brush on a simple red cross and upload simple .txt files of pertinent info? I have all of these materials laying around the house. I wonder how a summer of body heat & perspiration will affect a non-waterproof thumb drive? Maybe I just need to try it and report back? :thumbsup:


Looks like Verbatim makes what I'm talking about for only $12.00.



I'd assume that .txt files would be about the most readable format for emergency personnel? Anyone know? I think I'm going to give it a shot, just for chits/grins.


Anyone use these products? What vital information do you think should be included?

sounds interesting but do EMT's carry devices to read these in the field?  I carry a laminated card in my pocket with emergency contact info and blood type.

Not 100% sure, having never been an EMT nor having had the need for one riding. But, they have to get to the field somehow and in those vehicles, I'd suspect that they'd have a laptop or other device with a USB port. This is based upon the assumption that the vendor that poured all the money into developing and marketing the device did their homework. Maybe not, but chances are, they did.


I just left a message for the director of ops for a local Ambulance company in town. I'll see if they can give me the skinny on the value of these devises. Why guess! ;)

Damn, My wife and I were just talking about something like this.  Too slow I guess better luck next time.


I wouldn't count on the company checking with EMT's over a large area, this may start as a peace of mind gimmick than could turn into something much bigger if enough people bite.

I was doing some reading last night and from what I gathered, most EMTs don't have time to mess with USB stored medical records. But, they do look for bracelets. It would appear that K.I.S.S is very much the case as Eric indicated. But some said that they would give the device to the hospital. So, maybe for more extensive info (someone with an on-going medical condition) these devices have value, just not much to someone that is focused on keeping you alive long enough to get you to a hospital. I'd say cool idea, but we're not there just yet.


Outside of your name, emergency contacts, blood type, and known drug allergies, what else should be on an info case for EMTs?

On the card I carry my insurance info is included with my blood type, emergency contacts, allergies, and prior surguries. On a USB drive like this you could attach your living will as well. I think a hybrid device would be cool - pertinent emergency information printed/embossed on the device with the non-emergency info stored on the drive.

I've been using the Epic ID since June 2015. Getting a computer to read/acknowledge the USB can be finicky. Mine works and ride with it all the time. Still, I wonder if there is testimony for medical personnel on the usefulness. 

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