EarthRider classes coming up in May

Rode back to the coast down Hwy 33 from Cuyama Valley last Sunday - how gratifying that the number of riders coming my way on adventure bikes equaled the number of riders on street bikes!


One thing concerned me, however: Most of those adventure bikes were far too clean. You'll have several opportunities to increase the dusty:not dusty adv bike ratio in May. "Extenuating circumstances" dictate that April's classes will be postponed until 5/16/15 (DSS 08 - Uphill), and 5/17/15 (DSS 03 - Control Synergy). Also, in the interest of giving you time to practice what you learn in one class before taking the next one, The classes previously scheduled for the 4th weekend of May will now take place on 5/30/15 (DSS 04 - Focus on Counterbalancing) and 5/31/15 (DSS 09 - Backing In). All of these classes are pre-requisite free; see you then!


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